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Dominican Day Parade Inc Gala, New Beginning -2015

About The Dominican Day Parade, Inc.

The newly formed Dominican Day Parade, Inc.
is a nonprofit 501(3)(c), non-partisan organization in formation that organizes the annual
parade and festivities that promote the richness of the culture, folklore and popular
traditions of the Dominican Republic. The organization strives to provide an
understanding of the heritage and contributions of the Dominican community in America
and throughout the world. Over time, the organization will focus on providing over $250,
000 worth of scholarship money to aspiring Dominican students in the Dominican
Diaspora elevating our focus on educational achievement and excellence.

Participants and Honorees for Dominican Day Parade Inc-2015

Grand Marshall:
Pedro Martinez, Baseball Player and Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee

Celines Toribio, Actress, Model and Television Personality

Johnny Ventura, Dominican Singer and Former Mayor of Santo Domingo

Julissa Reynoso Pantaleon, Former United States Ambassador

Judge Rolando Acosta, Associate Justice of the New York Appellate Division of the Supreme

Madrina Internacional:
Merijoel Duran, Univision 41

Padrino Internacional:
Eduardo Selman, Consul General de Republica Dominican

Isolda Peguero, Reporter, Telemundo

Sofia LaChapelle, Telemundo Network Correspondent

Jose Acosta, Dominican Writer and Author

Andres Merejo, Dr. Andres Perejo, Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo

Sheila Garcia, Community Leader

Jose Zabala, Digital Communications and Dominican Film Festival Organizer

Cesar Romero, President of Instituto Duartiano

Ramon Anibal, Producer, Ramon Anibal TV Show

Negro Santo, Director and Host “Santo Domingo Invita”

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Johnny Pacheco, International Salsa Legend and Percussionist

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Dr. Marilu Galvan, Executive Director, Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano

Lifetime Acievement Award:
Fefita La Grande, Prolific female accordionist

Rising Stars:
Jackie Cruz, “La Flaca” Orange Is The New Black
Jessica Pimentel, “Maria Ruiz” Orange Is The New Black
Laura Gomez, “Blanca Florez” Orange Is The New Black
Selenis Leyva, “Gloria Mendoza” Orange Is The New Black
Dascha Polanco, “Daya Diaz” Orange Is The New Black

Special Recognition:
Francisca Lachapel, Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015

World Liberty TV, Latino Channel Team was on hand to cover the Dominican Day Parade Gala 2015 , and do an Exclusive interviews with Board Chair Angela Fernandez,Esq and Cultural Chair Leonardo Ivan Dominguez, Titled The New Beginning, see this and more right here in our World Liberty TV, Latino Channels.

Monster Product Reviews-2015, Possibly The Best Headphones in the World!

Monster Cable Products, Inc. was founded in 1979 by Noel Lee, who was a laser-fusion design engineer at Lawrence-Livermore Laboratory. From this discovery, he developed as well as an audiophile and professional drummer. Lee® discovered that wires of different constructions produced varying degrees of audio performance high performance speaker cable, named it Monster Cable, and literally created an industry. The invention of Monster Cable created a new product category that revolutionized the audio market. Prior to Monster Cable, most stereo systems were wired with ordinary “zip-cord,” the same cable used for electrical household and lamp wire. Their inferior construction and cheap materials restricts power, dynamic range and clarity in the lows, mids, and highs.

Lee chose the name “Monster” because it sounded strong and powerful. It became an immediate hit with consumers. In fact, the name Monster Cable is so synonymous with high quality and high performance, customers often assume that any cable they purchase in reputable stores would be Monster even though there are other cable brands.

Monster is now the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance cables that connect audio/video components for home, car and professional use as well as computers and computer games. Monster Cable is an indispensable component for music lovers, audiophiles, recording studios, sound professionals, musicians, custom-installers and home theatre enthusiasts. Monster’s audio cables increase the clarity, dynamics and power of the audio signals that travel through them. Monster video cables deliver the sharpest, clearest picture possible with naturally vivid color from traditional and digital television, projectors, home theatre and satellite systems. Monster Game products lets enthusiasts enjoy the ultimate gaming experience by maximizing sound and video quality of a gaming system. Monster Power, a division of Monster Cable, delivers cleaner AC power to A/V components and computer products and high joule surge protection for maximum performance.

Monster’s New Product Development division draws upon years of audio design and critical listening experience, to create the innovative, high performance cables and accessories that make Monster the leader in the industry. Already holding over 500 US and international patents and 100 patents pending worldwide, Monster is continually striving to discover and develop new, advanced technologies and designs to meet the needs of the ever-advancing consumer electronics industry. Monster offers over 5000 products and is sold in over 160 countries worldwide.

Monster is also a leader in the local community and prides itself in the work it does to help those who are in less than fortunate circumstances.

The following Monster products were reviewed in our World Liberty TV, Technology Review Channels:

Monster 24k Gold Professional DJ-Style Headphones

Monster Octagon Ultimate Sound ,Bold Style Headphones

Monster DNA Pro 2.0 , high powered sound over Ear Headphones (Carbon Fiber)

iSport Bluetooth Wireless in ear headphones (Blue Color)

iSport Bluetooth Wireless Super Slim in ear headphones (Green Color)

Monster Floating Bluetooth Wireless Speaker and Speakerphone

Summer 2015 Technology Product Reviews

The following Products were reviewed in our Summer 2015 Technology Product Reviews in our World Liberty TV, Technology Review Channels:

BENQ treVolo Electrosatic Bluetooth Speaker :

treVolo is the first portable speaker available with the same electrostatic technology as high-end living room speakers. It utilizes a quad amplified design utilizing active electrostatic panels, high quality woofers, and large radiators that are precisely tuned with a custom tuned DSP to deliver truly uncompromising sound for compelling audio enjoyment

Olloclip Active lens for iphone 6 & iphone 6 Plus :

Transform your photography and social media with the all-new olloclip Active Lens for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. It comes packed with an Ultra-Wide and Telephoto lens to instantly capture and share all you experience on your next adventure.

Ventev Powercell 6000+ Battery and wall charger:

Ventev powercell 6000+ is a dual (1A & 2.1A) output portable battery with integrated folding AC prongs. Gives 25 hours of talk, 18 hours of internet, 20 hours of video or 100 hours of audio playback.Charging port perfect for tablets
Charges handsets, tablets, and other USB devices; 2.1A port will charge your device at its max rate Capacity to charge any two devices at once.

CE NY Week Products Review -2015

The following Products were reviewed for CE NY Week 2015,in our World Liberty TV, Technology Review Channels:

Kensington Keyfolio Thin x3

Mycharge Razor Ultra Portable Charger

Phonesuit elite6 battery case for iphone 6 plus

IRig mic HD

Ozobot creative robotics 1 pack

Mega i-40 for iphone 6 plus armpocket armband

Nito glass iphone 6 plus-gold 5.5


Panama x power 360

Jam heavy metal speaker

Exclusive Interview with Adam Zeigelman of STM Bags-2015

Founded in 1998 just outside Sydney, Australia in the famous suburb of Bondi Beach, our mission was, and still remains; to come up with a more comfortable, secure and stylish means of transporting your digital gear. Today, STM makes a variety of laptop bags, packs, fitted tablet and phone cases. All designed to make life a bit more worry free.

World Liberty TV, Tech Team had the pleasure of speaking with Mr adam Ziegelman, VP of Marketing for STM Bags, see what he had to say and what new products he was debuting at CE NY Show 2015.

The Following Products were also reviewed for stm Bags in our World Liberty TV Technology Review Channel:

Stm 13” Bowery Laptop Bag

Stm Rugged case for 13” MacBook Air

Stm Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface pro 3

CE NY Week Headphone & Turntable Reviews -2015

The following headphones and Turntable were reviewed in our World Liberty TV, Technology Review Channels:

Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable in Silver

Audio Technica DJ Headphones ATH –PRO 700 MK2 (Black Color)

Audio Technica Premium Gaming Headset ATH-PDG1

Audio Technica CKR Inner ear headphones ATH-CKR9

JLAB OMNI Premium Wireless headphones

JLAB Epic Bluetooth Premium Wireless Earbuds

Jam Transit City True Definition Wireless Headphones (Noise Canceling)