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Seaworld Orlando Florida,Dolphin Sea lion & Whales Show-2018

We had a great time watching the Dolphin Sea lion  and  Whales Show at Seaworld  Orlando Florida, Easter Break .Below see many Animal attractions you can enjoy once you attend Seaworld.

ANIMAL ATTRACTIONS: Dolphin Nursery is home to dolphin mothers and their calves. This reimagined habitat gives guests the opportunity to get up close to mother and baby dolphins in all new ways. New large-scale acrylic windows offer views at multiple levels to give kids a face-to-face perspective with baby dolphins. The next generation of multi-purpose digital displays allows SeWorld educators to share information about dolphin behavior, biology and conservation with guests like never before.

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Amber Hall possibly the best next thing in the Art World-2018

Amber Hall is dedicated  15 Years old teen with a passion for arts. At a very young age she developed  her own natural talent, and her interest in pencil ,eventually  discovering ways to use colors in ink ,acrylic and water paintings.

Her Portfolio  contains pieces of abstract as well as Modern Contemporary art ,cartoons and fashion.

Her dream to come an illustrator .She also writes short stories for the drawings in her collection. She was Eight years old when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes ,Insulin dependent, despite  this condition ,she continues to devote her time to the arts through which she hopes to create support and awareness through the Juvenile Diabetes  Research Foundation (JDRF).

In which they have been part of her life for the past 9 years this, she expects ,will make a difference.

She was born in the Bronx, and grew up in the beautiful town of Sleepy Hollow ,famous for the setting of the novel  “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. She is the youngest of 4 sisters  and is currently in 11th grade as an online student in Florida state.

She has travelled throughout the USA, with her family ,and admires the beauty  of the sightseeing coast to coast. Aside for the art work,she wants to pursue a minor in politics.

Art for a cause in which she is Currently on the works will include many organizations , Children’s Hospitals and Veterans   hospitals and wounded warrior project to honor the Men and Women who served the forces as well as their families.20% of the proceeds of her  art will be donated one cause at a time.

We should keep in mind Insulin is not a cure. The hope for Cure is research Juvenile Diabetes  Research Foundation (JDRF) , is one of the most aggressive organizations in the world dealing with T1D.

In a typical year at least 80% of all expenditures support scientific  and diabetes education .Through  her art, her goal is to raise awareness as Diabetes kills an American every 3 mins.

Amber’s family supports her aspirations and proudly extols her powerful spirit.

I have to say as I sat down with Amber to do an interview at her studio in Florida, I have to say she did one of the best interviews I have ever done in my career as an journalist, very calm, warm intelligent answered every question that was asked, with an smile, must say she has great talent as an Artist great pieces of Art work done as you will see in this video, if you are an artist with an art gallery here in NY Feel free to contact us and we will be sure to pass the message to her managers and PR People.

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Veterans Needy Presentation at Orlando Florida VA Hospital -2018

Also part of our Humanitarians of the World Inc ,Needy and  Homeless East Coast Tour -2018, we also presented  Tote bags with basic necessities, to over 10 veterans based in Orlando Florida. Most of them who we presented to were at Orlando Florida  VA Hospital , a state  of the art facilities.

We met many veterans who were in wars in Vietnam, Gulf, Afghanistan, Iraq  and many more.

I salute and honor each of the Veterans we met and gave a Tote bag ,on our Humanitarians of the World Inc ,Needy and  Homeless East Coast Tour -2018.

Please donate to Humanitarians of the World Inc ,so we can continue to do our work ,as Humanitarians and also helping many Veterans who need our help. Contribute at Humanitarians of the World Inc, by Clicking here

Humanitarians of the World Inc ,Needy and Homeless East Coast Tour -2018

Humanitarians of the World Inc , did their most largest Humanitarian Needy and Homeless Tour of East Coast -2018. We started off From Florida Orlando , from there we went to Daytona Beach Florida, where we presented close to 20 families who were homeless and living on the beach and Daytona Beach  area, a lot of them coming throughout the USA.

About Us: Humanitarians of the World, Inc. (HOTWINC), is also a not for profit 503(c) tax exempt organization.

One of the goals of HOTWINC is to broadcast Humanitarian activities taking place throughout the world via its official online TV, “World Liberty TV Humanitarian Channel” located at

Another goal of the organization is to recognize those individuals and entities that provide humanitarian services through charitable acts or activities throughout the world. Medals of recognition will be awarded to those whose humanitarian efforts assist, support, and further the economic, social, mental and physical well-being of the underprivileged, disenfranchised, suffering and/or downtrodden people of the world, as a way of honoring them at the annual fundraising galas, and eventually HOTWINC Hall of Fame annual events.The primary goal of Humanitarians Of The World Inc. is to help the neediest of people throughout the world wherever they may be in need.

Humanitarians Of The World Inc. does not receive federal, state or city funding but raises money through charitable contributions made by corporate or private concerns. The members of HOTWINC are caring community minded people that give their time and funds, to help those less fortunate and in dire need of assistance. The very essence of the organization’s foundation is the humanitarian causes it serves. Seventy five percent of the money HOTWINC receives through fundraising and other charitable activities will fund the organization’s humanitarian causes.

Let me finish by saying this, it was a very expensive trip, we did not get any funding or any kind of donations, we financed this fully by ourselves, if anybody is interested in Donating monetary Funds, as we have a lot of Clothes and food on hand , feel free to contact us at our Humanitarians of the World Inc, by Clicking here.

Also remember our motto: Your Contribution to HOTWINC, Can Help Save a Life!.