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Dr Abbey Honored with the Humanitarian of the year award by Greater NY Chamber of Commerce -2021

On Sept 24th 2021, I was honored as the Humanitarian of the Year, by the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce at the Edison Ballroom New York City.

Mark Jaffe, President of Greater Chamber of Commerce went on to say, I am very happy to Honor, Dr. Abbey with the Chambers highest award as the Humanitarian on the year for the year 2021.

Dr. Abbey and his Organization , Humanitarians of the World Inc,  Since The Covid-19 Pandemic have helped close to Seven Thousand people with Food and PPE, throughout the Tri-State Area, and continue to help many more who need to be helped.

Also Dr.Abbey organized the COVID-19 Champions awards honoring close to 100 people, which included first responders, health care workers, FDNY. Also close to fifty organizations were honored for helping thousands of people throughout the Tri-State area, each one of them were honored with a plaque for their contribution to humanity.

Close to 20 political leaders were also honored for their contribution during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Additionally, a religious diversity panel was organized, Where Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists participated and shared how each one of the religious organizations helped many people.

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Interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz From The Dr. Oz Show-2021

Dr. Oz is a celebrity heart surgeon who gained fame as a regular on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ before starring in ‘The Dr. Oz Show.’ Dr. Oz is a renowned heart surgeon who has brought complementary medicine into the mainstream as a television personality, radio host and author. His first TV show, Second Opinion with Dr. Oz, lasted just one season, but regular gigs on Oprah Winfrey’s show cemented his celebrity doctor status. Oz now hosts his own health-centric TV series, The Dr. Oz Show.

In 1994, Oz established the Cardiovascular Institute and Integrative Medicine Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Media exposure followed, and with his wife, he co-authored the book Healing from the Heart: A Leading Surgeon Combines Eastern and Western Traditions to Create the Medicine of the Future, which was released in 1998.

After Oz landed Winfrey as a guest on his show, a warm working relationship developed. The talk show queen invited the surgeon to make regular appearances on her TV series, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and her radio program, Oprah & Friends. Anointed “America’s doctor” by Winfrey, Oz embraced his celebrity status with guest spots on a number of news programs and talk shows. He also began publishing the bestselling YOU book series and penning columns for Esquire and other media outlets.

Oz’s popularity rose to such heights that Winfrey offered to co-produce a TV series for him. The Dr. Oz Show debuted in 2009 to the highest daytime TV ratings on record in nine years and went on to win numerous Emmy Awards.

In addition to hosting the TV show, Oz continues to serve as vice-chairman and professor of surgery at the Columbia University College of Physicians and  Surgeons. He also branched out into a new form of media in 2014 with the launch of a lifestyle magazine, The Good Life.

Married since 1985, the couple has collaborated on numerous projects, including the bestselling YOU book series. They have four children, with their oldest daughter, Daphne, following in her father’s footsteps as a TV host and author.

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Exclusive interview with Laura Chinchilla Former President of Costa Rica-2021

Laura Chinchilla, in full Laura Chinchilla Miranda, (born March 28, 1959, Desamparados, Costa Rica), Costa Rican politician who served as vice president (2006–08) and president (2010–14) of Costa Rica.

Chinchilla gained her first public office in 1994, when she became vice minister of public security under Pres. José María Figueres Olsen of the National Liberation Party (Partido Liberación Nacional; PLN). She was promoted in 1996 to minister of public security, a post she held for two years. In 2002, as a member of the social-democratic PLN, Chinchilla won a four-year term in Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly, where she represented the province of San José. Building on her established commitment to public security and justice, she focused her legislative efforts on combating organized crime, public corruption, domestic violence, and crimes affecting children. She also called for free-trade agreements with various global trading partners and the liberalization of state-controlled components of the economy.

On February 7, 2010, Chinchilla won the presidential election with 46.8 percent of the vote—more than 20 percentage points ahead of the runner-up, Ottón Solís Fallas of the centre-left Citizen Action Party (Partido Acción Ciudadana; PAC), who had been Arias’s main challenger in 2006.

Soon after Chinchilla took office in May 2010, a long-standing border dispute with Nicaragua escalated in the area of Calero Island. When Nicaragua began dredging the San Juan River, Chinchilla’s administration claimed a violation of its country’s sovereignty. In October 2010 Nicaragua sent troops to the region, and Costa Rica responded by mobilizing members of its police force. Chinchilla’s government later filed a brief with the International Court of Justice, which in 2011 ordered both sides to remove their forces. Although she was largely praised for her handling of the situation, Chinchilla’s popularity waned over domestic issues, notably her inability to institute tax reform. In addition, her administration was marred by allegations of corruption, which led several high-level officials to resign. Her term ended in May 2014, and she was succeeded by Luis Guillermo Solís.

Chinchilla was later involved with various organizations, including the Inter-American Dialogue. She also was a fellow at Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service.

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Concordia Summit in New York City – 2021

In the summer of 2011, friends and business partners Nick Logothetis and Matthew Swift had an idea for convening thought leaders in the midst of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to discuss the importance of partnerships in combating extremism.

Since then, Concordia has grown towards a belief that P3s are a fundamental tool to addressing many societal challenges. Concordia recognizes that cross-sector collaboration offers effective solutions.

BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS FOR SOCIAL IMPACT: Concordia is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to actively fostering, elevating, and sustaining cross-sector partnerships for social impact. Concordia was founded in 2011 by Matthew A. Swift and Nicholas M. Logothetis.

MISSION: Concordia is a member-based organization dedicated to actively fostering, elevating, and sustaining cross-sector partnerships for social impact.

VISION: Concordia aims to create a global community where challenges are solved collaboratively and inclusively.

Genetic counselor algorithms against medical records to shorten the rare, genetic disease odyssey .The winner was  be announced on the Main Stage of the 2021 Annual Summit on September 20. Which was David Jacobs , Chief Executive Officer of Think Genetic , I had a pleasure of meeting and speaking to Mr Jacobs and it seems what they are doing will help many people worldwide with their technology, wishing the whole team the best, you can go to learn more about Think Genetic by clicking here.

I have attended the Concordia Summit for the past three years, must say it is a wonderful conference bringing some of the best minds from all over the world putting them in one room to solve world’s problems and a lot of things and issues are being solved. To be a member or sponsor or potential speaker to  Concordia website by clicking here.

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Concordia Summit in New York City – 2021

Atul Kapoor Staff Writer For World Liberty TV In the summer of 2011, friends and business partners Nick Logothetis and Matthew Swift had an idea for convening thought leaders in the midst of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to discuss the importance of partnerships in combating extremism. Since then,...
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27th Annual Mexican Day Parade NYC -2021

NEW YORK, NY — Mexican Independence Day is this Sunday, when crowds of proud Latinos will flood the streets of Midtown Manhattan for the annual parade. Marchers traveled down Madison Avenue from 38th Street to 27th Street, between noon and 4 p.m., to celebrate this historic day that occurred more than 200 years ago in one of our nation’s closest neighboring countries.

NYC Mexican Day celebrates Mexican Independence Day, September 16, 1810.Mexican Independence Day celebrates “El Grito de Dolores” (The Cry of Dolores), Father Hidalgo’s call for the Mexican people to revolt against Spanish rule from the town of Dolores Hidalgo on this day in 1810.This year’s parade is dedicated to the front-line, essential workers who kept The City going at great personal cost, during the pandemic. Thank you for your service!

Visitors from Mexico include representatives from Morelos state, whose capital is Cuernavaca. The state has a very even climate. Because of this, it’s been a wintering place for the Mexican elite since Aztec times.The Club Migrante Chinelos de Morelos en Nueva York is being honored. Chinelos are traditional masked carnival dancers from Morelos.

The dancers make fun of European colonizers including the Spanish, French and Mexican President Porfirio Díaz who tried to Europeanize Mexico. Chinelos are often accompanied by bandas, Mexican brass marching bands. Celebrants are wearing black pants and white shirts in honor of essential workers. Mexican New Yorkers dominate NYC’s food industry. No matter the type of food, it’s often prepared by Mexican chefs.

The Mexican Day Parade (or Mexican Independence Parade) celebrates Mexico’s independence from Spain. The parade began in the 1990s.New York City has seen a large increase in immigrants from Mexico. The parade has grown significantly, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg marched in the 12th annual Mexican Day Parade on September 18, 2005.The Mexican Independence Parade in New York City is a great celebration that brings together many colorful floats, musical and artistic groups, dancers representing different regions of Mexico, and community leaders.

As sponsor you will have the opportunity to promoted your business to thousands of people and through a variety of media outlets. This magnificent event is promoted throughout the Tri- state area which includes Spanish and English radio, TV and newspapers. The parade counts on an attendance of 10,000 people.

Thousands of people were in attendance, Eric Adams, Mayoral candidate for the Democratic party was in attendance with so many people holding up his pictures and banners and offering their support for him. He went on to say, I love all communities and that the Mexican community in New York is a great and hardworking community and he has total respect for them.There were many bands like Academia De Mariachi Nuevo Amanecer (A.M.N.A) , Mariachi Habaniros, 89.3 FM Radio Station and Luis Gomez Alfaro world renowned Immigration attorney was in attendance and many more people from all professions in attendance to celebrate 27th Annual Mexican Parade.

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Greater New York Chamber of Commerce’s 20th Annual Business Expo-2021

The 20th Annual Greater New York Chamber Business Expo, Metropolitan NY’s Longest Running

Regional Business Fair, took place on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 at The Edison Ballroom New York, from 9:30am – 3:30pm.

The Program started as follows: 9:30 am: Ribbon Cutting with NYC Veterans Commissioner James Hendon. 9:45 am: COVID Protocols for Getting Back to Work, Linda Bulone, NYCHHC COVID Research Nurse, moderated by our Chief Editor, Dr. Abbey.

This was a very important panel because a lot of small business people needed to be educated about running a business during COVID-19 and Miss Linda Bulone did a wonderful job educating many people in the audience. After the panel there was an Q&A session for Small Business attendees and general public who were in attendance to have their questions answered.

At 10:30 am Public Safety JOB #1 Safe & Clean Streets for Getting Back to Work, a panel which was headed by Terence Monahan, NYC Senior Advisor Public Safety and Covid  Recovery , former Chief of New York City Police Department (NYPD), Ruth Katz, Co-Founder Citizens for a Safe NY and Al Eskanazy, founder of Community Police Relations.

This was a very highly attended panel with close to one hundred people listening to the above experts.  Chief Monahan explained about the crime in the subways, that a lot of the homeless people with mental issues were committing, during COVID-19 and the media was exposing them on the front page of their publications and blowing it out of proportion. It was handled immediately by the NYPD. He also went on to say that, the shooting that took place in Times Square, was all caught on camera and each step of the way there is a camera installed and anyone committing a crime in Times Square will be caught immediately.

Al Eskanazy, founder of Community Police Relations went on to say we gave thousands of Turkey’s during the holidays for people to enjoy during the   holidays, and his organization was working with many police officers and civilians to getter a better understanding of the work police is doing for all communities in New York.

11:15 am Financing Suggestion Intro By NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli  Loan Forgiveness & Economic Injury Disaster Loans, SBA Assistant District Director Peter Fehnel Remarks NYS Comptroller Tom Di Napoli Video Remarks. He Went on to say that these small businesses are the backbone of our New  York community and he was a very big supporter of the work that Greater NY Chamber of Commerce was doing with over 7000 business and partners throughout New York.

11:30 am International Partners, Nepalese American Foundation Consul General of Panama, Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Caribbean American Chamber. Many Chamber heads spoke about their chambers and what kind of services they were offering to their members through their chambers. Each one of the heads of the chambers, thanked Mr. Jaffe and his Greater NY Chamber of Commerce for giving them a platform of showcasing their work and programs they offer.

NOON State of NY’s Small Business, Governor Kathy Hochul Video Remarks. Governor Hochul was not able to attend in person due to her very busy schedule, she in return had attended Greater NY Chamber of Commerce events on many occasions and had kind words to say during her video remarks she sent. Thanking the Greater NY Chamber of Commerce of continuing to educate many businesses who are doing business during the COVID-19 Pandemic and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office and agencies to help immediately.

The Most important part of the Expo was the award ceremony, that honored many essential workers. It started off with Former NYPD Chief Terrence Monahan, who introduced each of the NYPD Officers who were given awards for their work and bravery. The following were honored with the Greater NY Chamber of Commerce, Awards: Sergeant Noa, Detective Vogel , Police officer Sparta, Police Officer Titus and police officer McDonald.

The Other Honoree’s included: National Guard Joy Chowdhury, NYC Health + Hospitals COVID Research Nurse Linda Bulone, New York Nurses Association (NYSA), representative Crystal Jennings, New York Fire Department, Firefighter Manny Troche “Hispanic Heritage Hero”, Food service award, presented to John Philips-The Mansion Owner for Best Quality Bone Broth.

Dr.Adal Hussain our Executive Producer for World Liberty TV, and founder of Humanitarians of the World Inc, was honored with the Greater NY Chamber of Commerce’s highest award The Humanitarian Award. Mr. Jaffe Greater NY Chamber of Commerce went on to say, I have known Dr. Abbey for over 20 years and we have attended many events together and worked on many projects helping people from all walks of life.

Dr. Abbey is a great Humanitarian who has been doing humanitarian work for over 44 years without taking a penny for his services. Since Covid-19, Dr Abbey and his organization, Humanitarians of the World Inc. Has distributed food and PPE to over seven thousand people throughout the Tri- state area.

Also Dr. Abbey organized the COVID-19 Champions awards you can view by clicking here.

Dr.Abbey went on to thank the Greater NY Chamber of Commerce and Mr Jaffe the President for honoring him with the chambers highest award. World Liberty TV, was the official Online TV of the Expo 2021.

About Greater New York Chamber of Commerce: The mission of the Chamber is to improve the business climate and quality of living in the New York Metropolitan Area for businesses, workers, residents and visitors. It provides valuable services to over 30,000 business and civic leaders who represent the backbone of the Greater New York business community.

Every day, the chamber helps small businesses and corporations grow and save money! Its staff handles hundreds of phone calls, mail requests, e-mail messages and business meetings. The Chamber has formed alliances with business leaders, trade associations, sister chambers, government agencies, civic officials & foreign dignitaries to accomplish its goals of business and community service.

The Chamber also promotes networking, business expos, educational forums and international trade events. It produces an economic development guide and hosts its world famous Internet site (the official New York City domain). The chamber issues and stamps documentation for international trade exportation i.e.: (certificate of origins, free sales, bill of ladings and GMP’s).

Greater New York Chamber of Commerce is an approved New York State Not for Profit; recognized by the US Chamber of Commerce. It operates under Rule 501 C 6, as an Exempt Organization of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. It also maintains a charitable fund to help assist local chambers, trade organizations and civic groups under IRS Rule 501 C 3 and a political action committee.

Membership Benefits:  Business Listing and linking on the World famous, Award winning Internet site Monthly email blasts to our 30,000 plus database of influential business and civic leaders,  Member Referral Service,  E-News and Invitations, Membership Plaque, On-Line Classified, Listings in the Business Directory and  Economic Development Guide,  Networking and Educational Forums  NY Tourism Leads, Import/Export Documentation, Certificate of Origins, Free Sale, International Contacts,  Business Research Center, Advocacy and Representation, Free Prescription Discount Drug Cards and  Greater New York Chamber logo for your website.

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Exclusive interview with Miss Universe ANDREA MEZA -2021

Miss Universe, Andrea Meza, is the newest Madrina of the Latino Commission on AIDS a nonprofit organization founded in 1990 dedicated to meet the health challenges and address the impact of HIV and AIDS, viral Hepatitis, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the Hispanic/Latinx community.

Her role as the organization’s 2021 ambassador to help promote HIV and AIDS education and prevention was announced today at a media reception held at Rosa Mexicano Union Square in New York.

The Hispanic Federation, a premier Latino nonprofit membership organization was co-presenter of this event. “As we culminate our 30 th anniversary and enter a new era of providing holistic health care services and advocacy for the Latino community in New York, the South, and across the country, we are so grateful to have the participation of Miss Universe Andrea Meza and we welcome her to the family!” said Guillermo Chacon, president of the Latino Commission on AIDS and founder of the Hispanic Health Network.

“I want to thank the Miss Universe Organization for continuing their commitment to our cause. It is with such dedication and recommitment to education, prevention and stigma reduction efforts that we can ultimately end HIV and design a world without AIDS.”

“I am deeply honored to join in support of the Latino Commission on AIDS and its mission to defeat HIV and AIDS as its official Madrina – or Godmother,” said Miss Universe Andrea Meza.“I am motivated by the Commission’s attention to continuing its work to educate our youth and new generations about how to prevent HIV infection and access treatment if needed. While it’s been 40 years since the initial case of AIDS was discovered, the virus is still among us and I want to encourage everyone who is sexually active to know the facts about HIV and to get tested.”

In her role as Madrina, Miss Universe will lend her voice, during appearances with the Latino Commission on AIDS, to educate and promote HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention within the Latino community throughout the U.S. She will also be introduced as the Commission’s Madrina at this year’s Cielo Gala, taking place in person on Friday, October 15, 2021, at Cipriani Wall Street in New York. All guests must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend the event.

The Cielo Gala is an important platform to recognize the work of those who support the Commission’s goals of ending HIV and AIDS and improving overall health outcomes and wellness for the Hispanic/Latinx community. The 2021 Gala will culminate the Commission’s commemoration of 30 years of service and launch a new era of service and commitment to meet the health challenges ahead.

About the Latino Commission on AIDS: The Latino Commission on AIDS (Commission) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1990dedicated to meet the health challenges and address the impact of HIV and AIDS, viral Hepatitis, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), addressing stigma in the Hispanic/Latinx community.

The Commission is the leading organization coordinating National Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day (May 15), National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (October 15), Latinos in the South, the Latino Religious Leadership Program and other prevention, research, capacity building, and advocacy programs across the United States and its territories. The Commission is also the founder of the Hispanic Health Network, dedicated to addressing health disparities.

Miss Universe ANDREA MEZA 2021:  Alma Andrea Meza Carmona (born 13 August 1994) is a Mexican model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe 2020. Since winning the title, she became the third Mexican woman to be crowned Miss Universe. She had previously been crowned Mexicana Universal 2020 and Miss Mexico 2017, and placed as the first runner-up at Miss World 2017.

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