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National Supermarket Associations, International Trade Show-20203

“Two Day’s” NSA INTERNATIONAL SALES & TRADE SHOW 2023. The NSA International Sales & Trade Show organized by the National Supermarket Association, the event attracts companies seeking to showcase and sell their products and services to buyers from the independent supermarket sector.

The event offers a unique opportunity to interact with supermarket owners and managers.

NSA welcomes all vendors, brokers, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, food managers, supermarket owners, importers, merchandisers, advertising agencies, distributors, and trade association officials.

The trade show is not open to the general public, only to companies and individuals affiliated to the food industry.

Those companies seeking to establish or improve their relationship with 600+ independent supermarkets in the East Coast. The NSA Sales and Trade Show will focus on current and new international, national, regional, and local companies looking to serve the independent supermarket industry.

Founded in 1989 by Hispanic entrepreneurs, the NSA is a trade association that represents the interest of independent supermarket owners in New York and other urban cities throughout the East coast, Mid-Atlantic region and Florida.

Beginning in the mid-seventies, these entrepreneurs had the courage of opening supermarkets in areas abandoned by the large chains, as they were economically depressed and mostly minority neighborhoods.

These men and women had the vision and the commitment to fill a vacuum in those communities, at a time when the term “food desert” had not even been coined. Currently, many NSA members continue to serve those areas by offering healthy foods and full service supermarkets.

The association has grown dramatically in the last two decades and currently provides its members hands on representation in both the private and public sectors and advocates issues that impact the entire supermarket industry.

Current membership represents approximately 600 supermarkets. Most members are of Hispanic descent, and their stores are predominantly located in minority neighborhoods.

The NSA provides outreach services to corporations that want to capture the booming Hispanic market by providing counseling on marketing strategies to reach Hispanic retailers and consumers, including market and cultural intelligence.

The National Supermarket Association Scholarship Foundation has established a scholarship program to assist those students within the local communities in which our member stores are located. Through education we are Empowering our communities for a brighter future.

The program is administered by Scholarship America®, the nation’s largest designer and manager of scholarship, tuition assistance, and other education support programs for corporations, foundations, associations, and individuals.

Eligibility for individual programs is determined at the sole discretion of the sponsor, and eligible applications are reviewed by Scholarship America’s evaluation team.

Awards for this scholarship are granted to eligible recipients without regard to creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or national origin.

The NSA organization created a Legislative Committee that advocates and lobbies for its members while also reporting back with all events, bills, laws, and news that affects the members and their business.

The NSA Legislative Committee works hard on solving issues in our communities we serve while also making sure that the members are not affected in a way that would be detrimental to their business operations, growth, and existence

NSA Cares is our initiative designed to partnering with charitable organizations in the different communities served by our members.

As established by our founders, the National Supermarket Association (NSA) has a longstanding tradition of giving back to the community.

Through the promise of NSA Cares, each year, we will reaffirm our commitment to strengthening our corporate social responsibility with the many communities served by our members.

It was a well-attended event, vendors in attendance throughout the USA, South American, North American and Central American companies in attendance. Thousands of people in attendance doing business and to sell their products to the Latin Communities.

Some of the big Company’s included; Porky’s, Goya foods, Coco Cola, PepsiCo and many more.

Honored guest who attended was Mariano Rivera, A thirteen-time All-Star and five-time World Series champion and Hall of Famer with the Legendary Yankee’s. Mr. Rivera, visited many vendors, shook hands, took pictures and offered words of encouragement to many of the vendors in attendance.

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ASPIRE NYC Tour at NY Javits Center-NYC 2023

In a culture of people who adopt a “new year, new me” attitude but lack the follow-through or motivation to implement the change they want to see, the people who don’t think they have the resources or inspiration to know where to begin their journey of growth, sometimes all it takes is being fully immersed in an experience to find your footing.

This is why we created Aspire. If you know your potential, but you want to aspire to even more greatness, this is the event that will propel you throughout your journey.

The lineup of speakers at Aspire will move you toward exactly what you need to achieve your 2023 goals and beyond.

If you’re ready to take action toward the future you warrant, we invite you to grow with us and Aspire to more!

TOP TIER EXPERIENCES: If you could spend a day with some of the wealthiest, most effective, high-achieving producers on the planet, would you? Here’s your chance to learn from these titans of industry and walk away with actionable strategies and techniques to make 2023 your best year ever.

REACH YOUR GOALS: No matter where you’re at in life, the Aspire event will help you level up! Whether you’re looking to grow a business, get that promotion, or discover strategies for personal growth, this is the place. No fluff, no BS, just real actionable value from the best in the business.

INVALUABLE CONNECTIONS: We’re sure you’ve heard the saying, “your network = your net worth”. Those aren’t just fancy words to throw up on social media, they’re words the most successful people in the world live by. At Aspire you’ll meet other like-minded individuals that are all trying to level up, just like you. Join Us!

Some of the Speakers that included at the NY Aspire Tour Included:

Barbara Corcoran, an American businesswoman, investor, syndicated columnist, and television personality. She founded.

The Corcoran Group, a real estate brokerage in New York City, which she sold to NRT for $66 million in 2001 and shortly thereafter exited the company.

One of the show’s original “Shark” investors, Corcoran has appeared in all 14 seasons of ABC’s Shark Tank to date.  As of January 2023, she has made 130 deals on the show, the largest being a $350,000 investment for 40% of Coverplay.

Corcoran is a columnist for More, The Daily Review, and Redbook, writes a weekly column in the New York Daily News, and has written several books. She has been featured on Larry King Live and NBC’s Today show, and hosts The Millionaire Broker with Barbara Corcoran on CNBC.

Alex Rodriguez: While best known as one of the world’s greatest athletes (a 14x MLB All-Star and a 2009 World Series Champion with the New York Yankees), for more than 25 years, Alex leads a team of experts building high-growth businesses and is co-owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Marcus Lemonis: Many know him as the “business turnaround king” and star of CNBC’s prime time reality series The Profit. His biggest business success is as the chairman and CEO of Camping World, the nation’s largest RV and outdoor retailer, and Good Sam, the world’s largest RV owner’s organization.

Eddie Wilson: American businessman who is known as the “King of Exits.” He has owned over 125 companies and exited over 85 of them successfully. Eddie is also known for creating an operating system that manages the growth of his companies systematically allowing him the greatest odds for success.

Andrew Cordle: Sales Expert with over $300 million in personal sales. He has spoke on stage in over 35 different countries teaching 10’s of thousands the Money Playbook of the 1%. He is the founder of the PE firm Collective Influence which is currently valued at over 400 million.

Jen Gottlieb: powerhouse entrepreneur, international speaker, host of the I Dare You Podcast, and co-founder of Super Connector Media – an award-winning training, events, and online education company. With a successful five-year stint as a VH1 host and a career as a Broadway actress, Jen has been making waves in the entrepreneurial world by teaching business owners how to build profitable brands and become “The Recognized Expert” in their field.

Tim Storey: Is an acclaimed culture influencing thought-leader, life strategist, author, speaker and counselor. Known for his insight and coaching among high-profile individuals who find themselves in a place of personal recovery and discovery, he has been labeled as the Original Comeback Coach.

The Aspire Tour NYC 2023, was a great event some of the great speakers from each sectors, Sports, Business, Finance, Coaching backgrounds and so much more. Good few thousand people were in attendance enjoying and learning how to make money and change their lives once and for all.

The ASPIRE Tour is a live events business founded by entrepreneurs Andrew Cordle and Eddie Wilson. Known for attracting top-tier speakers and providing invaluable knowledge to aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike, the ASPIRE Tour is a premier platform for personal and professional growth.

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Aspire Tour 2023 – NEW YORK CITY

BY: Betina Crione Guest Writer for World Liberty TV In a culture of people who adopt a “new year, new me” attitude but lack the follow-through or motivation to implement the change they want to see, the people who don’t think they have the resources or inspiration to...
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CANELO VS CHARLO Mega Fight in Las Vegas-2023

Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion Álvarez Defends Titles Against Undisputed Junior Middleweight Champion Charlo Saturday, September 30 Headlining SHOWTIME PPV® From T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Canelo Promotions Presents a Premier Boxing Champions Pay-Per-View.

NEW YORK – August 15, 2023 – Boxing superstars Canelo Álvarez and Jermell Charlo faced off for the first time on Tuesday at a kickoff press conference in New York to preview their blockbuster showdown that headlines a SHOWTIME PPV (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT) on Saturday, September 30 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo Promotions will present the Premier Boxing Champions Pay-Per-View.

The undisputed super middleweight world champion Canelo will take on the undisputed junior middleweight world champion Charlo in a historic matchup that will pit two reigning undisputed champions against each other for the first time in the four-belt era.

Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by Canelo Promotions and TGB Promotions, are available through

Here is what the press conference participants had to say Tuesday from Palladium Times Square:

CANELO ÁLVAREZ: “Thank you to Jermell for taking this fight. I’m very happy to be in this position and to be in big fights. Jermell is a great fighter who takes on big challenges just like I do. I always take risks.

“Jermell is a great fighter and this is a fight that’s been out there as a possibility for a long time. Now is the correct time for this fight. “I’m gonna put everything into the ring. My experience, my power and my skills. It’s going to take everything to win this fight. It’s going to be a great night for the fans.

“It’s good that people are saying I’ve lost a step. It’s fine. I know why I didn’t look as good in my last two fights. I know why and I’m different now. I’m preparing now for a different type of fighter.

“I’m 100% focused on this fight. Then we’ll see what happens after. Everyone wants drama and for us to fight on this stage, but when two fighters are 100% focused like we are right now, it’s gonna make it a great fight in the ring.

“I have everything that he says he has as well. I have experience and I’ve been in this position a lot of times. That’s why we’re here. We’re going to find out if he’s got enough on September 30.

“I love being in these kinds of fights. Stay tuned on September 30 because this is gonna be a great night for boxing.”

JERMELL CHARLO “This is a long time coming. Canelo and Eddy are legends in the game of boxing. They’ve put on great shows and I want to be the one that gets in there and takes it all away from them.

“Me and my brother Jermall have been putting on for boxing and it’s our time now. A lot of people are worried about the wrong things. When you want to win something this big, you have to risk it all.

“I just want to quiet my haters and doubters and turn non-believers into believers. I’ve watched a lot of great people in the sport of boxing and now I think this is the best moment for me to leave my mark. With two great fighters in there, you get nothing but fireworks. When this fight presented itself, it was a no-brainer to make this happen.

“I’m gonna train my ass off and be intelligent. I know I’m moving up in weight, but who cares? That won’t stop me from getting in there and doing it the way I do it. I’m excited for this moment.

“My heart, desire and determination will give me what I need to win. I guarantee a great night and that you’re gonna hear some lions roaring.

“I don’t have any excuses. Whatever happens happens. I came here to win this fight. I’m not laying down. I don’t care what anyone says.

“I’m so proud to be one of the fighters who’s able to get in there and step up and fight the best. I’m gonna be training my ass off. Tune in on September 30. Be there or be square. We’re gonna turn this into a whole new ball game.”

EDDY REYNOSO, Canelo’s Trainer and Manager “Here we are in New York, once again announcing what will be one of the best fights in recent memory. Styles makes fights, and I believe that both Charlo and Canelo possess the kind of contrasting styles that fans will love to see in a fight.

“Charlo is a great champion and has a great trainer in as Derrick James. He is a great fighter with a big heart that has gotten up off the mat after losing, and that makes him even more dangerous. He lost, but he also redeemed himself and showed that you can redeem yourself to earn big fights like this one.

“This will definitely be a challenge. Charlo is capable of ending the fight at any moment, and we must be ready for anything he migh do.

“We know it will be a tough fight, but we are always ready. You will all see a great fight, and you will also see a very different Canelo compared to the one you saw during the last few fights.”

DERRICK JAMES, Charlo’s Trainer “This is a fight that Jermell Charlo has always wanted. It’s the type of fight he’s needed to put him into super superstardom. Canelo is a great fighter with a great trainer and they’ve been so consistent over the years. It’s hard to do that in boxing.

“It’s gonna take Jermell being the best version of himself. He’s gonna have to be focused in training camp and focused in the fight. He’s gonna get what he needs to get because of the focus he has and because he knows he has to be himself.

“Jermell should be comfortable with the weight on fight night. He’s daring to be great. He’s all about stepping up and taking the challenges. He wants to be undisputed in two weight classes at the same time.

“It’s all about us coming in and doing what we do best. Both guys are gonna try to do whatever they can do to come out successful. It’s gonna be a great and exciting night of boxing.”

TOM BROWN, President of TGB Promotions “September 30 will be another night of history. It’s impressive what both men have accomplished to become undisputed. And we also have the back-to-back Trainer of the Year winners in Eddy Reynoso and Derrick James up here as well. It’s everything you would want for a mega fight.

“Canelo is truly one of the sport’s best ever. He’s a hero in Mexico and universally respected. He’s a throwback fighter who takes on all challengers and he’s boxing’s biggest star.

“Jermell will bring everything he’s got to this fight. He’s cleaned out the division and beaten every fighter he’s faced. He’s not just convinced he can win this fight, he’s convinced he will.

“This is a classic old school fight with two guys who can really crack. It will come down to who can handle themselves under fire. It’s a super fight you don’t want to miss.”

STEPHEN ESPINOZA, President, SHOWTIME SPORTS® “Coming off some of the biggest and most anticipated fights in recent memory, we have a special one on September 30. This is another matchup with historic implications, the first bout in the four-belt era pitting two undisputed champions.

“Regardless of who you are rooting for, these two men are among the elites in boxing. Both have historic achievements. Canelo has defeated 18 world champions in his career. He has fought at least one world champion every year for the last 10 years.

“Jermell Charlo is the first undisputed 154-pound world champion in the four-belt era. He could join Terence Crawford as the only male boxer to become undisputed in two weight classes in the four-belt era.

“This event is a rare opportunity to witness greatness. Greatness means not being satisfied with being the first and only four-belt undisputed super welterweight champion. Greatness is pushing for more; more challenges, more history, continuing to test the limits of your own performance. Greatness is taking tough fights and big challenges when you don’t have to.”

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World Liberty TV’S Best Products Reviews at NY NOW Summer Show 2023

NY NOW, the premier wholesale event in NYC, is set to make its grand return from August 13–16 this summer at The Javits Center.

This highly anticipated multi-day event promises a larger-than-ever experience, providing brands with unparalleled opportunities to connect with buyers and supercharge their businesses.

Twice per year, top buyers come to NY NOW to witness the hottest debuts, high-end designs, and must-have wares in the gift, home, and accessories industries.

With three newly consolidated categories – Home, Gift & Lifestyle, and Jewelry & Accessories – NY NOW offers a perfectly curated space that tens of thousands of retailers trust for trend-spotting, discovering emerging bands, and networking with industry trailblazers.

NY NOW is all about community – bringing together brands, designers, and buyers in the retail capital of the world to make the defining connections that supercharge their businesses.

With 3 core sections across 35+ product categories, NY NOW is designed to meet needs and exceed expectations both in person and online via Bulletin Wholesale, where retailers can browse and shop for their stores, and brands can get in front of the most coveted buyers.

The show promises the unrivaled thrill of in-person connection and endless discovery, while NY NOW’s new wholesale platform makes ordering a breeze for thousands of buyers in attendance.

Products range from aromatherapy, pampering skincare and wellness to designs that celebrate recycling and luxury lifestyle, to artsy stationery and the most tempting eclectic gifts, as well as hot home décor, tableware, sexual wellness, and cannabis and psychedelics.

Come and check out the brands flocking to NY NOW, including some notable names like Matt & Nat, Golden Gems, Corkcicle, Swim to the Moon Jewelry, Hudson and Oak, Dad Grass, Fred & Friends, and more.

Plus, check out three Bulletin Incubator spaces at the event – one per each core category section – featuring emerging wholesale brands like Tai-Lite Beauty.

We met some great exhibitors and vendors at NY Now 2023, who had great products and merchandise they were showcasing.

WILL+BEAR Hat Co: Will & Bear was born in 2015 from the place we feel most inspired; on the road. Alex (Bear) was looking for a hat that wasn’t intimidating, was practical, long-lasting and felt natural in the Australian outdoors. Loz (Will) watched Alex struggle to find something that he felt comfortable trying on. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we set out to create it. To learn more to  buy  from Will+Bear Hat Co, click here for more information.

Augustnoa : we are a female founded small business, created because we couldn’t find the bag we were looking for. there was something missing from traditional backpacks — none could marry function with design and sustainability. we decided to make the bag that we and you’ve been searching for. To learn more about augustnoa Co, click here for more information.

Save the Girls: ‘Save the Girls Touch Screen Purses’ began after the founder, Tami Lange, had two daughters’ phones bite the dust in the same week. One washed and spun, the other was lost on a hike. Her sister-in-law’s solution was to use her bra as a cell pocket even-though she had breast cancer! Click Here for More Information.

About NY NOW + Bulletin: NY NOW is the largest gift, home, and accessories wholesale trade show in New York, where brands, buyers, and designers gather to connect and discover.

Held twice a year in NYC, America’s design capital, NY NOW and online wholesale marketplace partner, Bulletin, connect 4,000+ independent brands with 40,000+ U.S. and international buyers from independent stores, museums, department stores, bookstores, galleries, general gift shop, art & entertainment venues and many more.

About Emerald: Emerald is a leader in building dynamic, market-driven business-to-business platforms that integrate live events with a broad array of industry insights, digital tools, and data-focused solutions to create uniquely rich experiences.

As true partners, we at Emerald strive to build our customers’ businesses by creating opportunities that inspire, amaze, and deliver breakthrough results. With over 140 events each year, our teams are creators and connectors who are thoroughly immersed in the industries we serve and committed to supporting the communities in which we operate.

We met some great exhibitors and vendors at NY Now 2023, who had great products and merchandise they were showcasing.

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41st Dominican Day Parade 6th Ave NYC-2023

BY: Adal Hussain, Chief  Editor for World Liberty TV , Sunday August 13th 2023

The annual NYC Dominican Day parade for the Dominican Republic.  The parade was on Sixth Avenue (AKA “Avenue of the Americas”, which no New Yorker calls it, but is appropriate for today).  The parade was from 1pm to 5pm and started at 36th Street and went, I believe, to 62nd Street (that’s right next to Central Park).

I knew it would be big, but I’ve been to big parades:  Puerto Rican Day, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s, among others.

I figured this would be well attended.  It was more than “well attended”.  It seems that everyone who even knows someone in the Dominican Republic was there.  Huge crowds.

I was at Bryant Park, the corner of 42nd Street and 6th Avenue.  There’s an elevated part and I managed to get to the top of the stairs, about 3 feet higher than the crowd in front of me.

Overall, the crowd in front of me was 6 or 7 people deep.  That’s the deepest I’ve seen any parade except Thanksgiving (which is a special case).

Yes, that’s a snake around his neck.  We parted like the Red Sea.  He was one of three guys with snakes around his neck walking through the crowd (you can see another of them right behind him).  After the parade, I saw two more.

Anyway, the parade started at 1pm and the crowd, which was already pretty wound up, cranked the noise level to 11.

The parade featured a number of different participants, but the radio stations seemed to be the all-out favorites.  The crowd wanted loud, loud music; and the politicians really didn’t provide it.

There were a few new sights at this parade.  There were groups of what I can only describe as “colorful characters”.  I’m sure they are symbolic of some folk traditions, but I don’t know what they might be.

Some of them had horns (really long horns) and some had devilish masks, and some just had bullwhips.  Yep, bullwhips.  That’s a new one on me.

At one point, about 20 characters came out cracking their whips and the crowd loved it.  Me, too.  Then there was a small group of others and then a group of kids with bullwhips.  They were really into it, but they just couldn’t crack the whips like their elders.

 The Dominican Day Parade is much more than a parade. Throughout the year, we hold various events including workshops, scholarships, food drives, the annual gala, and parade kick-off events in all five boroughs.

The mission of the Dominican Day Parade of New York City is to celebrate the richness of the Dominican culture, folklore, and popular traditions.

The Parade highlights promote and acknowledge the heritage and contributions of the Dominican community in the United States and throughout the world.

The Dominican Day Parade, Inc. is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, that organizes the annual parade and festivities that promote the richness of the culture, folklore and popular traditions of the Dominican Republic.

The organization strives to provide an understanding of the heritage and contributions of the Dominican community in the United States of America and throughout the world.

The parade is a tradition beloved by the Dominican community, but it is only the tip of the iceberg for our organization! For us, the Dominican Day Parade is much more than a parade.

Throughout the year, we hold various events including food drives, the annual gala, and parade kick-off events in all five boroughs.

Understanding the value of education, the Dominican Day Parade takes great pride in providing scholarships and mentor opportunities to exceptional students of Dominican descent.

Through the funds raised from our annual gala, we granted $200,000 in scholarships in 2019 to support awardees through college and post graduate institutions.

Helping these promising young people continue to excel in their future ventures allows us to achieve our primary goal: to support and celebrate the Dominican community!

President Luis Abinader , The Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader was in attendance and was recognized as the Grand Marshal. Other Diginatries in attendance and marching in the parade included: Governor Kathy Hochul, Senator Chuck Schumer, New York State Attorney General Letitia James, Mayor Eric Adams, New York City Public Advocate, Jumaane D. Williams, Congress member, Adriano Espaillat, Congressman Jamaal Bowman, Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, New York Police Department’s Commissioner, Edward Caban and many more political leaders, labor leaders and community in attendance.

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Ecuadorian 40th Annual Parade Jackson Heights Queens NY-2023

BY: Adal Hussain, Chief  Editor for World Liberty TV , Sunday Aug 6th 2023.

The 40th Ecuadorian Parade NYC 2023 marches on Northern Blvd from 69th St to 89th St in Jackson Heights, Queens; on Sunday, August 6, 2023 from 12-3pm.

The Ecuadorian Parade kicks off at 68th Street and Northern Blvd in Jackson Heights and marches down to 89th Street in Corona. In prior years the parade / celebration was expected to last until about 4 pm.

The 40th Ecuadorian Parade NYC 2023 celebration continues with a Gala Banquet in Flushing Meadows Corona Park on Friday, August 5, 2023 at 8pm.

The 9th Festival Artistico Ecuatoriano 2023 featured live Ecuadorian music, dance performances, food, artisanal crafts and more fun for the entire family.

Thousands of spectators lined Northern Boulevard Sunday, Aug. 7, as the 37th Ecuadorian Parade NYC 2023 stepped off at noon at 69th Street in Woodside and made its way east through Jackson Heights to 87th Street.

The flag-bearing crowd showed their pride with many dressed in the national colors of their homeland — yellow, red, and blue — while representing the more than 250,000 Ecuadorian-American that have settled in Queens.

The extravaganza marks Ecuador’s Independence Day celebrated on Aug. 10, on the anniversary of the 1809 rebellion against Spain that began in Quito, which is now the South American nation’s national capital.

The uprising set off a chain of events that led to liberator Simón Bolivar declaring war on the Spanish colonial authorities.

On Oct. 9, 1820, Guayaquil became the first city to gain its independence from Spain. The rest of the country celebrated their independence following their victory at the Battle of Pichincha under the command of Bolívar on May 24, 1822.

The parade along Northern Boulevard was part of a series of events across Queens that began with an Independence Day Celebration at Borough Hall.

Featuring several musical and dancing performances and Ecuadorian food on Aug. 3 and a gala banquet at Flushing Meadows Corona Park two days later, culminating with the 40th Ecuadorian Festival and Parade.

Many Dignitaries were in attendance at the Parade, including Ivonne A-Baki, Ecuador’s ambassador to the United States, who ran for the Presidency of Ecuador, Queens Borough President, Donovan Richards, Francisco Moya, Council Member, Jenifer Rajkumar, Assembly member of District 38. Chairito Cisneros, President, CEO Founder of the New York Hispanic Cosmetology and Beauty Chamber of Commerce, one of the largest chambers of its kind in the USA.

Many Political leaders, from Ecuador, Civil, supreme court judges from New York State, NYPD Leaders, many Hispanic Societies, Labor leaders, Beauty Queens from Ecuador and throughout the USA, Community leaders and thousands and thousands of spectators.

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