Ai4 Finance Conference August 21 & 22 2019 -NYC

BY: Atul Kapoor Staff Writer For World Liberty TV

Over two days, the Ai4 Finance conference brings together business leaders and data practitioners to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Dr Abbey with Michael Weis Co-Founder Ai4

With a use-case oriented approach to content, our goal is to deliver actionable insights from those working on the front lines of AI in the enterprise.

We try to provide a common framework for thinking about what AI means to the financial services industry and to deliver content that progresses understanding at any stage of an organization’s AI journey. Welcome to our community!

Hundreds of people in attendance at Ai4 Finance Conference

Hear top use cases for AI in finance. Presentations range from high level insights to highly specific solutions.

We focus on covering the industry’s most pressing problems through use cases from business execs and technical leaders who have solved them. See below for a diagram of topics covered.

SriSatish Ambati Founder & CEO opening the AI4 Finance conference with his Keynote


2 DAYS :  Every major application of AI in finance will be covered.  2 TRACKS : Explore the specifics behind the model in a technical talk or the business implications in a non-technical talk.

Explore the Top Use Cases of AI in Finance and Learn How AI is Impacting Financial Services From Industry Leaders at the Ai4 Finance Conference August 21 & 22.2019.

Dr Abbey with SriSatish Ambati Founder & CEO and keynote speaker

40+ TALKS:Speakers from the world’s largest banks and from cutting edge startups will take stage. 20+ HOURS OF CONTENT: You’ll have plenty of choices to make sure you’re learning what you need.

Artificial intelligence could be the last invention that humankind needs to make. As such, we think it’s pretty important we get it right.

One of many vendors and sponsors in attendance

In 2019, Ai4 conferences will educate 1500+ top executives & data practitioners at the world’s largest companies about how they can responsibly leverage AI today.

Dr Abbey with Russ Rands Author of Become an AI Co in 90 days

Confusion is still commonplace when discussing AI for the enterprise; from basic definitions all the way to implementation. Through our conferences and content, we aim to provide a common understanding for what AI means to the enterprise.

Guests Networking during lunch

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