Airside live 2022, by OKERA at TWA Hotel JKF Airport Queens NYC.

About Airside LIVE air•side /ˈersīd/  nounThe side of an airport terminal beyond security, passport and customs control . adverb on or to the airside of an airport terminal. “a new executive lounge has opened airside” or “Go Airside with your data.”.

In this second annual AIRSIDE LIVE 2022, this event will continue to explore major industry challenges and solutions related to modern, data-driven organizations.

This one-of-a-kind industry conference brings together industry thought leaders & practitioners to deep dive into all things Big Data, Data Security, and Data Governance. AIRSIDE LIVE is the first conference of its kind to bring together four key pillars:

DATA MANAGEMENT- from data ops to lifecycle management to cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid environments.

DATA SECURITY – from identity access management, data discovery, visibility into access of applications and data

DATA PRIVACY & DATA GOVERNANCE- Ever-evolving compliance regulations, data governance, and building data privacy as a feature, and more.

DATA AS A PRODUCT: how data teams creating value with modern analytics and data science use cases.

Hear firsthand from industry and technology leaders about the keen observations and hurdles they’ve overcome in this ever-changing data driven landscape. Industry partners will help guide you through the process of aligning your priorities with data management, governance, and security requirements.

Session types included: Industry led panels that share best practices, experiences, pitfalls, and learnings, Technical sessions that highlight what’s possible with combined partner/ecosystem technologies. Real world case studies that make solving similar complex problems intuitive and achievable.

It was one of the best tech conferences we have covered so far this year, over the three days, it had high caliber speakers from all walks of life, Breakfast’s Lunches, night events and dinners each of the nights. We enjoyed the Cocktails on the Tarmac, which was great with an old TWA Airplane, on display where guests can go inside and sit in the plane and have a drink and enjoy light bites. A live band sang many songs the guests in attendance made requests to them, there was wonderful sofa’s to sit down on, as you networked and enjoyed your cocktails and light bites.

The whole staff, at Okera, did a wonderful job, of organizing this event, each and every staff member was professional courteous, and very helpful. We truly were honored to be part of Airside live 2022. When I asked the CEO, Mr Li, about coming back to New York next year, he went on to say, there could be a strong possibility we can come back to New York, since our Airside Live 2022, was a super success.

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