Airside live 2022, presented by OKERA at TWA Hotel NYC.

By:Betty Coker, Editor in Chief  For World Liberty TV

About Airside LIVE air•side /ˈersīd/  nounThe side of an airport terminal beyond security, passport and customs control . adverb on or to the airside of an airport terminal. “a new executive lounge has opened airside” or “Go Airside with your data.”.

One of many panels in progress

In this second annual AIRSIDE LIVE 2022, this event will continue to explore major industry challenges and solutions related to modern, data-driven organizations.

This one-of-a-kind industry conference brings together industry thought leaders & practitioners to deep dive into all things Big Data, Data Security, and Data Governance. AIRSIDE LIVE is the first conference of its kind to bring together four key pillars:

Dr Abbey with Nong Li Co-Founder & CEO OKERA

DATA MANAGEMENT- from data ops to lifecycle management to cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid environments.

DATA SECURITY – from identity access management, data discovery, visibility into access of applications and data.

Virtual Events taking place

DATA PRIVACY & DATA GOVERNANCE- Ever-evolving compliance regulations, data governance, and building data privacy as a feature, and more.

DATA AS A PRODUCT: how data teams creating value with modern analytics and data science use cases.

Chef Preparing Sushi for Guests

Hear firsthand from industry and technology leaders about the keen observations and hurdles they’ve overcome in this ever-changing data driven landscape. Industry partners will help guide you through the process of aligning your priorities with data management, governance, and security requirements.

Dr Abbey inside Vintage TWA Airplane getting ready for Takeoff

Session types included: Industry led panels that share best practices, experiences, pitfalls, and learnings, Technical sessions that highlight what’s possible with combined partner/ecosystem technologies. Real world case studies that make solving similar complex problems intuitive and achievable.

Dr Abbey with John F Marchese Founder DQLabs & Rob Howes Founder of D.A.T.A.

Airside LIVE is a technical conference tailored for Big Data, data security, and governance and privacy teams. If you have anything to do with building or maintaining a data lake, defining data access policies, or ensuring that your company is complying with all relevant security and privacy mandates.

You’ll get the latest on data security, privacy, and data ethics from thought leaders, analysts, and industry experts; you’ll learn from your peers who are solving for security and privacy concerns across a wide range of use cases, from data warehousing and BI to data science and advanced analytics; and you’ll join a data security and governance community that continues on after the conference to help you network and discover tips, tricks and best practices for making your own data security initiatives a success.

Dr.Abbey with Bobby Napiltonia President OKERA

Why is it called “Airside”? “Airside” refers to “the side of an airport terminal beyond passport, security and customs control”. We named the event Airside LIVE because it’s our vision to help you learn how to go “airside” with your data — to breeze through security with no more obstacles to get to your destination, wherever that may be (cloud migration, an AI/ML project, customer 360, etc.). Plus, who hasn’t missed traveling over the last year?

Ms Beile and partner get an gift from Meera of Okera

It was truly a great conference, people from all over the USA and England attended close to 200 people over the three-day period attended, great live speakers, panels and also live virtual events which thousands of more people watched from the comfort of their homes.

R-L Dr Abbey with Cheryl Flink of HCL & Sanjeev Mohan of Sanjmo

We had a pleasure of speaking with Nong Li, CEO and Co-Founder of OKERA. Nong co-founded Okera in 2016. Prior to that, he led performance engineering for Spark core and SparkSQL at Databricks. Before Databricks, he served as the tech lead for the Impala project at Cloudera. Nong is also one of the original authors of the Apache Parquet project. He has a bachelor’s in computer science from Brown University.

High networking at the TWA Hotel Tarmac

You will be able to watch his exclusive interview in our World Liberty TV, Technology Channels by clicking here.

Some of the speakers included: Nate Weisz, Product Owner, IT Director FINRA, Tami Dokken CPO, The World Bank, Michele Museyri ,Director, Americas,  HSP Group,Reid Blackman Founder, CEO, Virtue Consulting, Author of HBR, advisor to the Deloitte AI Institute, Author of Ethical Machines, Kent Graziano Strategic Advisor, Data Vault Master, Author, Speaker Grandmaster of TKD, Cheryl Flink Global Vice President, Leadership Research & Analytics Center for Creative Leadership, Eric Kavanagh The Strategic CDO Syndicated Radio Host, The Bloor Group DM Radio, Rohit Choudhary CEO & Co-Founder Acceldata, Raj Joseph Founder and CEO DQLabs and many more speakers who spoke in person and virtual.

Opening Day Roof Top Reception

Rob Howes Founder at D.A.T.A. Data And Tech Aid and AVP, Collibra, spoke about raising one million dollars for medical kits for the Ukrainian people, he has many Data companies very interested in helping him in this Humanitarian cause, we fully support people like Mr Howes for stepping up to the plate and help with this Humanitarian cause, if you are a tech company or like to contribute to the cause. Do go to their website to make a donation.

Guests enjoying Lunch

It was one of the best tech conferences we have covered so far this year, over the three days, it had high caliber speakers from all walks of life, Breakfast’s Lunches, night events and dinners each of the nights. We enjoyed the Cocktails on the Tarmac, which was great with an old TWA Airplane, on display where guests can go inside and sit in the plane and have a drink and enjoy light bites. A live band sang many songs the guests in attendance made requests to them, there was wonderful sofa’s to sit down on, as you networked and enjoyed your cocktails and light bites.

OKERA Staff Members

The whole staff, at Okera, did a wonderful job, of organizing this event, each and every staff member was professional courteous, and very helpful. We truly were honored to be part of Airside live 2022. When I asked the CEO, Mr Li, about coming back to New York next year, he went on to say, there could be a strong possibility we can come back to New York, since our Airside Live 2022, was a super success.

Airside 2022 presented by Okera

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