Andre Galliano’s Haute Couture Show at Latin Expo and Show -2015

I Want To Thank You And Your Team For Your Support, And Your Kind Words Of Wisdom Always,i Started In The Modeling businesss as A young man at 17 years old first modeling for Designer Daniel Hechter Of Paris

The Inventor of ready to wear, at the age of 17 then I went on to do some more modeling for jordache jeans, also the international male collection also Sergio Valente jeans, I was signed to a spin off of division of karin models called Starz Model Management, this is when I really realized my love for fashion, this is about the time when I developed A fondness for japanese clothing once I went to the Famous Designer Kanzai Yhamamoto Of Japans shows for 5 years I knew in my mind.

I wanted to be A model and design but did not know how to go about my designs
I was born and raised in the Bronx near the Fordham road section of the Bronx where people dressed maintained
a Very Eclectic style of fashion always from the break dancers in the parks at the music jams or whether it be
through my journeys walking the streets of new York city there was always an inspiration I am very happy
and grateful that god has given me a chance to start living out my dreams and give me the strength to
do all of these wonderful things fashion design photography , I also am working as A mother booker for models and subcontractor for different modeling agencies providing agencies and models for magazine and print currently till this day I am also A DJ and record producer I was born and raised in the Bronx with amazing parents of Puerto Rican and southern heritage.

I am currently creating my fall winter collection, for February and to seeing my world Liberty TV Family at my next show I am also in the process of opening a small boutique in the new york city area I will keep my World Liberty TV, family posted thank you so much Andre Galliano for your support and I totally support and am behind the world liberty tv movement.

World Liberty TV, Fashion Team was on hand to witness The Debut of Andre Galliano’s Haute Couture line for men and women, we at World Liberty TV, as well as hundreds in the audience agree that Andre Galliano’s Haute Couture, line is the next best thing , and he is here to stay. See Exclusive Coverage right here in our World Liberty TV.

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