AVNAH by Avnah Davis-Long – Stone Mountain, Georgia, 2013

The AVNAH Collection is a women’s line created by Avnah Davis-Long. The boldness of design reflects the strength of the Collection producing the most innovative pieces. This Collection is very diverse with a futuristic approach to fashion and embodies exclusive structured designs. The distinctive style of this Collection is becoming the favorite, along with the playful use of cuts which gives her pieces a distinctive look and contrast.
Fashion Designer Avnah Davis-Long was raised in humble surroundings with strong artistic traditions. She grew up and attended schools between Youngstown, Ohio and a small town in North Carolina. Although Avnah has always had an eye for fashion, the true artistry was introduced to her by her mother who taught her the creative skill of crochet at the young age of nine.
In 2002, she moved to Atlanta, GA and she took those teaching with her which created a buzz as she began to launch her crochet swimwear and clothing line giving her high recognition. Starting off as a crochet designer, her desire for sewing soon transformed into something bold, daring and very futuristic. In 2010, the Haute Couture Collection was introduced, adding multiple arrays of fashion.
AVNAH is making a huge mark in the fashion industry. This Collection featured structured cuts, diverse pattern and creative design. She is known for her ability to evolve, to take risk and go in a 360 degree opposite of the normal or everyday trends. Although she never received any kind of formal training or fashion schooling, her career as a designer has made a tremendous mark in the fashion industry in a short amount of time.
Her dreams as an International Fashion Designer keeps her focused as she pushes for the Collection to be featured in Tokyo, Japan, Paris, Dubai, Milan and other fashion capitals. She has distinctive style and wants every woman that wears her designs to feel confident, powerful and demand attention. Known for pushing the envelope you can always expect the unexpected from this designer.
Her goal is to make the world more beautiful through the AVNAH Collection. Many of her designs have been worn by artists such as Kelly Rowland, Sasha Piertese of ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, Cynthia Bailey, and numerous spreads in magazines. Her vision is to team up with different charity organizations so that every purchase of AVNAH goes to a mission to help someone or some country. That is and will continue to be the beauty of AVNAH.

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