Designersberg by Bernice Morgan – Sterling, Virginia, 2013

Bernice Morgan is the owner and driving force behind Designersberg. She migrated to the United States from Liberia, West Africa, 20 years ago in order to further her education. She holds a BS and M.S. in Accounting and is a CPA, working in Corporate America for a large cooperation.
Due to her love for fashion, jewelry and colors, Bernice has closely watched the fashion trends in West Africa as they moved from traditional garments to more modern, easy to wear garments. As Bernice has never been afraid of thinking outside of the box, she started working closely with Bertha Moniba and seamstresses in West Africa to design and incorporate all the latest trends in summer dresses with the glamour of high fashion into her African Line.
Bernice also looks for unique quality jewelry that she can buy at a bargain and pass on the savings to her clients. In the past year, she has focused on runway shows in order to showcase her African Line with special emphasis on the “Total Look”. On the runway each outfit is accessorized by Bernice from Designersberg’s unique collections of jewelry, purses and hats resulting in a completely modern look. This has resulted in Designersberg having clients from all ethnicity.

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