Best of New York Fashion Shows Feb -2020

We had the pleasure of covering fashion week for the past 13 years, in this video you will see designers from all over the world, showcasing there clothing, jewelry and accessories never seen before.

Also you will see New York Pet Fashion Show, which we have covered on many occasions, as you know as an viewer of World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels and Blogs, we cover a little of everything , in the fashion arena. You will see pet designers in attendance from all over the world , in attendance walking down the runway with their pets in beautiful outfits, how all the pets are well behaved and following orders, it’s amazing how they are trained to do this.

In this video you will see the following designers we showcased in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Blogs and Channels: The 17th Anniversary New York Pet Fashion Show-2020, Joshua McKinley of Project Runway Fashion Show-2020, Small Boutique Fashion Show (SBF) @ NYFW-2020, NYC Live Fashion Week Show @ NYFW-2020,  Fern Mallis Honored at EMERGE Fashion Show-2020  Fern Mallis Honored at EMERGE Fashion Show-2020 and  FDLA Press Conference and Fashion Show-2020 .

See more about New York Fashion Week, Feb 2020 in our World Liberty TV Fashion Channels and Blogs by clicking here.

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