Andre Galliano Haute Couture Designs fashion Show at NYFW -2017

The Andre Galliano Haute Couture line was established

in the year 2015, after being A model for many years I was trying to find

A way To do something I really wanted to be good at I had already been a model a fashion booker for modeling agencies a record producer back stage manager

A stylist for designers back stage I still wasn’t fulfilled my first attempt at being A

designer was making T shirts and sweat pants I still wasn’t happy

so I awoke one day and was praying for god to  show me what Is my purpose for being on this earth what I should I be doing finally the next day I started having some

dreams About fabrics and patterns  and seeing my self-cut and drape fabric

so I went out and brought A mannequin and started pinning clothes on it

draping I said to myself I can do this I watched all the designers I worked with do it why Can’t I, I said to myself so I made my first piece for A collection it was A pair of underwear’s,

it was very hard to do as I was not really good at sewing so I befriended A few seamstresses that would teach me how to sew and cut and pin and drape from that day on I put lots of hours in learning how to cut and pin and drape and sew its now the thing that mostly grounds me in my life I put all my feelings and emotions into my clothing

its as if I have a bond and the fabrics speak to me when I go to A fabric store

its sure all I can’t believe how I am able to just go to A fabric store and walk to A roll of fabric and it speaks to me honestly I love what I do I am inspired by peace nature

the goodness of mankind everything  that has to do with the elements we draw inspiration from lakes streams trees we all should be one with mother nature

its my biggest inspiration that I draw all my energy from and thats how I make my clothes and themes I draw the inspirations from different time period eras and the elements Thank You World Liberty Tv team always for your support I am always honored to work with you, I cherish our working relationship and I look forward to continue working with and supporting World Liberty TV, Dr Abbey and the world Liberty TV Team Andre Galliano. For more information  about  Andre Galliano  click here.

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