BRADELIS Lingerie 2016 Spring/Summer Collection @ Style Show NYFW -2016

The Lingerie Experts at Bradelis New York have been working since 1994 to reveal and maximize the full potential of your unique body figure. From its inception our CEO Akiyo Hirakubo wanted to create lingerie that not only looked beautiful, but undergarments that also acted as support lingerie that could help all women reshape their silhouette. Where Fit Meets Luxury.

Bradelis New York Fit System

The Bradelis New York Fit System lingerie is specifically designed to gradually redefine your breasts to create a more feminine silhouette based on your unique body. Our expertly trained Fit Stylists help determine your Fit System lingerie needs depending on the shape of your breasts and your problem areas. We use luxurious fabrics with delicate finishes to create stylish lingerie made with a mixture of New York style and Japanese craftsmanship. Discover the Perfect Fit.

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