Catalin Botezatu World Renowned designer from Romania, debuts The “Bird” Collection at the Couture Show – 2013

Catalin Botezatu Romanian designer, presented the Birds Collection at the NY Couture Fashion Week 2013, a theme created as a follow-up of his last fashion show, Domina, in which an extraordinarily independent woman could use at her discretion the body and especially the mind of men locked in an iron cage, a silver one this time, as a luxury refuge for the woman, except that the woman can fly away from that cage, because she’s independent. And she has wings.
A woman such as the one from BIRDS Collection has certainly never been before: she’s beautiful, rare spectacular and mysterious. She comes and goes at her whim, she’s a night bird that goes at her whim, and she’s a night bird that goes to glamorous parties, on red carpets and on Luxury Cruises. She’s wrapped in airy laces and sophisticated feathers. She has an eccentric haircut and a makeup that makes her feel comfortable, but in the same time unrecognizable.
The Collection proposes evening dresses, long, well balanced, tightly fitted in the front, where the skin is covered by rich fabrics , while the back is very low cut, with supple trains which elongate the figure and give elegance to the” bird woman”.
The fabrics used for this collection are varied and precious: silk, velvet, silk viole, filigree embroidery, handmade applications, French lace finished en mille points, with feathers and fur. Black is the common denominator of all these fabrics, the overlapping of the textures ton sur ton being extremely elegant and specific to all outfits signed by Catalin Botezatu. The refined black is made more evident with glittering silver details we are already talking about a combination much sought-after in 2013-1014.
The shoes, especially designed for Birds Collection, are spectacularly accessorized with feathers, brilliant and very high-heeled .The leather gloves range from long and medium to mitaines and they are also personalized with delicate feathers. The entire collection has been created with the sole purpose of attracting admiring glances.
Women will wish to look like the Birds Woman and men will want to be as near as possible to the Birds Woman.

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