Desfile De La Hispanidad 51st Annual Gala-2015

In 1965 he met in New York City Hispanic society with a visionary project to celebrate the exploits of Admiral Christopher Columbus, with a parade that will combine the spirit of the children of Hispanic America, and with a clear message Motherland Spain representing their culture, customs and folklore magnificent country of origin.

This project was completed in August 1965, in which it was agreed to hold in the city of New York, which each year to October 12 next Sunday, a true celebration of Hispanic American spirit is celebrated. Since then is invariably organization has maintained its language culture and religion a directive of the parade of the hosts on their way through the streets of the Big Apple, and are the anxieties of this organization made up of 44 organizations and a directive on then were thirteen ombudsmen with a long and fruitful one calendar year.

World Liberty TV,Team was on hand at The Gala called The 51 Years Celebration of Orgullo Nuestra Herencia Hispana, see more about this celebration right here in our World Liberty TV, Latino Channel.

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