Dick Tiger Foundation Inc. Debut at the Surf Club of New Rochelle – New York, 2012

About the Foundation

The Foundation promotes Dick Tiger’s vision and legacy of empowerment. So far, we have emphasized renovation of primary and secondary school infrastructures in rural and urban communities. The Foundation believes that good education offers the most direct path towards individual and community empowerment, a way out of poverty.

The Foundation believes in gender equality, through cultural, social, economic and political support to women and girls. Discipline achieved through individual and team sports will be the hallmark of the Foundation. As a world champion boxer, Dick Tiger achieved fame and acclaim, honored his nation and supported his community. The goal of this Foundation is to promote these principles as his legacy.

Sports Development: Through sports we will promote collaboration among philanthropists, government and business sectors, ensure participation by women and men from diverse communities and all levels of society in an effort to establish common understandings, enhance excellence, and enable people to improve their lives and reinforce their commitments to themselves and their communities. Recognizing the essence of the youth in a country’s progress, we intend to use sports as a mechanism to reach youngsters, and as a gateway to communities and populations young and old. Sports events and activities will be used to establish targeted goals for the youth, and build their capacity to achieve despite their surroundings and circumstances.

Educational Initiatives: The Foundation believes that a good education offers the most direct path towards individual and community empowerment, and development. We will establish the pre-eminence of education through partnerships with international schools and libraries to ensure appropriate information and book exchange programs to local schools situated in under-served communities. Through scholarships, and symposiums, the DTF will introduce new ways of thinking, to stem the tide of poverty, and empower growth educationally, economically, and socially. In our nascent existence as a not-for-profit organization, we have emphasized renovation of primary and secondary school infrastructures in rural and urban communities; and have already awarded tuition scholarships to twenty deserving high school students.

Community Enhancement: Through emphasis on the restructuring and renovation of existing infrastructure in schools, and other pertinent institutions, the community is impacted, and hope is reborn. In our quest to improve the quality of life for the rural and under-served regions, the DTF has embarked on other projects such as the sinking of boreholes to help provide rural communities with safe drinking water, and improved sanitation, create awareness for various life-enhancing issues such as, family planning, spacing of births, and HIV/AIDS awareness. Working with other NGO’s and community stakeholders, we will emphasize the civil engagement and empowerment of women, and highlight the integral role women play in society; and use our seminars as mechanism to foster tolerance, and build gender equity.

Economic Empowerment: To help families succeed, and communities to thrive, the DTF will work with local vocational institutions to create programs that teach out-of-school youth, and economically distressed individuals to use their hands, literally, to create earning opportunities, and become self-sufficient. Courses in carpentry, tailoring, industrial baking, secretarial/office skills, etc. will be taught by skilled volunteers and instructors. The DTF will seek the assistance of financial institutions to groom participants in responsible personal financial management, supported by access to basic financial services. Through the DTF economic initiatives, lives will be impacted, and communities will be uplifted.

The World Liberty TV Team was on hand to witness the debut of the Dick Tiger Foundation at The Surf Club in New York.

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