Doing Business in Qatar Business Event – 2011

The aim of our forum is to promote Qatar’s roles, and highlight the opportunities it offers through 3 main messages.

1) Qatar is emerging as political, Economic and cultural center of the Middle East, preserving the better parts of Arab tradition while racing toward the future’s knowledge-based world: because of its openness to Western technology & education, its mediations in international disputes (Doha Round); its international sporting events, e.g. , World Cup 2022; and its commitment to become a knowledge-based economy.

2) Qatar has a plan: Qatar Vision 2030 will receive unprecedented support from oil and gas wealth as it pursues its ambitions of improving the quality of life for everyone, helping create social institutions that are just & kind, protecting the environment while transforming Qatar into a knowledge-based economy.

3) Qatar has progress to report on investing on the plan with its commitment to education (education city), intellectual freedom; expanded visibility on the world’s media stage (e.g. Stars of Science, Asian games World Cup 2022); commitment to healthcare (Sidra); commitment to entrepreneurship (Enterprise Qatar).

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