Ed Rouse’s Funeral handled by Humanitarians of the World Inc-2019

Let me begin, by saying I met Edward Rouse, AKA Ed, approximately 20 years ago, as I just started my career as an journalist, with my Liberty News Online Magazine, which I started with a group of journalist friends.

One a few occasions, we bumped into each other at different , events we were covering for our Liberty News Online Magazine, it was at the Hilton hotel , The 100 Black men Gala , where I went and introduced myself to Ed, as I was networking, with different people.

Approximately 3 Weeks ago, Ed was going in and out of hospital, he had cancer, heart issues, and breathing problems, I visited him on few occasions, and then they bought him in for the final time, where the Doctors pronounced him, brain dead. He was moved to an hospice after that and 2 days later he passed away.

Mr Noor and his professional staff , took the Body of Ed, from the hospital , prepared it fully at their funeral home and then had the body taken to the cemetery, in a hearse .Which they did not charge a single penny for their services, we  will be ever grateful to Bro, Noor and his staff with helping us with this. Humanitarians of the World Inc , and Al Caplan Contributed for the grave  opening  expenses.

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