Exclusive interview with GIANLUCA MECH Italian Business Man, TV Personality & Nutritionist-2018

By: Lidia Evita, Staff Writer for World Liberty TV

Gianluca Mech is the sole heir of his family’s long-standing herbal enterprise, which has been at the heart of phytotherapy practices since the late 16th century. The family business was to create and supply healing, rejuvenating and therapeutic treatments.

Italian Food

Dr.Abbey with Gianluca Mech Founder Italiano Diet

Since that date, the family have been producing liquid herbal extracts, free from preservatives, sugar and alcohol, exactly according to the family secret method known across the world as Decottopia (ten plant therapy).

Gianluca Mech was born in Montebello Vicentino, a small town in the countryside near Venice. Since childhood, he has helped his parents prepare herbal extracts, and at 18 years old, following his father’s passing due to obesity.

Gianluca was determined to formulate a new healthy low-carb diet to combat the problem of overweight and obesity that affect many people around the world. It had to be based on herbs and not on excessive amounts of proteins. After 10 years of extensive research, the “Gianluca Mech Diet” was born.

Enjoying Lunch with Legendary Gianluca Mech

Today Gianluca Mech is an ambassador of healthy eating and the personal health consultant of many Italian and international celebrities. In 2007, in cooperation with the University of Padua, Gianluca founded the “Gianluca Mech Research Center” with the objective to offer everyone the same nutritional guidance he is famous for among the italian and international celebrities.

GIANLUCA MECH with Ivana Trump

Gianluca Mech’s successful slimming program is based on the use of a combination of natural herbal extracts that speed up the metabolism, especially the one of fats, allowing you to purify the body in order to guarantee a healthy weight loss. The Gianluca Mech Diet is certified in 24 scientific published researches and is protected by an international patent valid in the USA, Canada and Europe.

TELEVISION PERSONALITY: Since when Gianluca Mech Diet has grew in popularity, Gianluca is often hosted by many American and international TV networks (like FOX, ABC, NBC-Telemundo, HOLA! TV, WPIX, RAI, Mediaset Italia, Mediaset Espana) on numerous TV shows like Fox Business News, Good Day NY, Good Day LA, Inside Edition, The Rhode Show, Undercover Boss, The Big Brother, etc. He has also been shot and profiled in The NY Times, The NY Post, The NY Daily News, Page Six. The National Enquirer. Radar Online, Us Weekly, Star Magazine to name a few.

Pasta Eating While on Diet

A Diet That Allows You to Eat Pasta

What does  GIANLUCA MECH  offer  to you? A free consultation and medical advice from a health center (or medical center).

An extensive choice of detoxifying herbal extracts that increase your metabolism during the slimming phase and eliminate the risk of the Yo-Yo effect

A complete product line of delicious foods that retain your muscle mass and keep the beauty and elasticity of your skin while losing weight.

Il Mulino Restaurant

Executive Chef & Staff of IL Mulino Restaurant New York City

You may choose to lose weight with Gianluca Mech’s “affordable“ personalized diet aimed at reducing your calorie intake in a balanced way or you may choose to lose weight with Gianluca Mech’s “luxurious” personalized diet using the ketosis method to guarantee fast slimming results. The Gianluca Mech Diet is the only diet supported by 24 scientific published researches on many medical journals that proves it is effective, safe and healthy. The Gianluca Mech Diet is breaking new ground with its truly innovative products that are now patented in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Designer Suits From Italy

Gianluca Mech Italian Businessman & TV Personality

This exclusive interview took place at IL Mulino Restaurant  New York City, see more in our World Liberty TV Food and Wine Channels and Blogs by clicking here.

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