Interview with GIANLUCA MECH Italian Business Man, TV Personality & Nutritionist-2018

Today Gianluca Mech is an ambassador of healthy eating and the personal health consultant of many Italian and international celebrities. In 2007, in cooperation with the University of Padua, Gianluca founded the “Gianluca Mech Research Center” with the objective to offer everyone the same nutritional guidance he is famous for among the italian and international celebrities.

Gianluca Mech’s successful slimming program is based on the use of a combination of natural herbal extracts that speed up the metabolism, especially the one of fats, allowing you to purify the body in order to guarantee a healthy weight loss. The Gianluca Mech Diet is certified in 24 scientific published researches and is protected by an international patent valid in the USA, Canada and Europe.

This exclusive interview took place at IL Mulino Restaurant  New York City, see more in our World Liberty TV Food and Wine Channels and Blogs by clicking here.

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