Humanitarians of the World Inc. Needy Family Presentation (2013)

On Dec 17th 2013, Volunteers from the Humanitarians of the World Inc. packed over 50 Bags filled with Toy’s, tee-shirts caps, and many more items, to distribute to needy families, low income , where the parents of these children cannot afford to give them a present during the Christmas Holidays.
Every Year Humanitarians of the World Inc. (HOTW INC), pick a borough in New York and find the neediest families to distribute these gifts, Rabbi Hadassah From the office of Senator Rev, Rueben Diaz, Sr. and Ms. Gerri Lamb President of Castle Hill Association in the Bronx made plans to round up the needy families in the Bronx, to make this presentation possible.

Humanitarians of the World Inc. is an New York City 501 c Non-Profit Organization helping the neediest of needy families throughout the USA, for more information log onto

Please remember our “Motto” Your Contribution to (HOTWINC) can help save a life!

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