I-Pad and Samsung Phone and tablet Accessories reviews (2013)

ALIN Perfect Alignment Screen Protection

Revolutionary design makes installing perfectly aligned screen protectors fast and easy. Just clean your device, snap it into the alignment tool, and use the guide edge to perfectly position screen protector in seconds. It’s also reusable. Use the same alignment tool to install all 4 included HD screen protectors. Revolutionary design makes installing perfectly aligned screen protectors fast and easy.

Acase Supreme Pro Dual Layer Protective Case

The Acase Dual-Layer has been receiving excellent reviews since its launch. With incredible feel, you can rest assured that it offers great protection., Acase has now added the advanced Samsung S4 model to the new Acase Supreme Series with high hardness (UV coating), proudly made in Taiwan. Custom-made for Samsung’s Galaxy S4, the Acase Supreme Series is equipped with double buffer protection and enhanced operational feel without compromising the sleek design of the S4. What’s even more exciting, with high weather-resistant material, Acase has developed a new generation of silicone that withstands prolonged use and repels dust. Without becoming soft or sticky, it retains elasticity and is guaranteed for use over many years. The Acase Samsung Galaxy S4 Supreme Pro, a double-layer cell phone case made exclusively for the S4, is wrapped with silicone in the interior to protect against scratching. The exterior is made from impact resistant, dust free PC. it is easy to clean and comfortable to hold. Moreover, the two sides of the case are designed to be slightly raised so that the screen is well protected when the phone is set face down. Anyone may happen to drop their phone in their daily life, and Acase protects your precious cell phone by taking both design and safety into consideration. The Acase Samsung Galaxy S4 Supreme Pro is designed to provide maximum protection while remaining Stylish. Acase recognizes consumers’ needs for safety and protection, and brings an unprecedented feel that re-embraces the original silhouette texture, allowing you to be fashionable anytime and anywhere, as you show off your S4 in style. The Acase Samsung Galaxy S4 Supreme Pro is undoubtedly your best choice for fashion and simplicity, safety and protection!

ampjacket for iPhone 5/5s

The ampjackets patent pending audio channels are precisely tuned to guide and amplify the output from the speaker, enhancing volume and clarity… no power needed.
Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation
Quick Charge External battery compatible with iPod, iPhone, & iPad. The powerstation was engineered to provide super high output charging with an unmatched capacity for its size. With charging output of up to 2.1 amps, the powerstation can handle all of your USB devices, including the iPad!

LifeProof for iPad Cases

Take your iPad in the tub, out in the elements, even let the kids enjoy it without a worry . The LifeProof iPad case protects your device from bangs, bumps and drops, rain, snow and drink spills, even dirt, mud and dust. Plus with an array of LifeProof iPad accessories such as the handy Strap Pack or LifeJacket you can take your iPad even more places. Experience all the freedom a LifeProof iPad Case can offer.

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