Interview with Phunkee Tree Company Co-Founder Maxx Yellin -2014

Does your charger always end up in the hands of someone you live or work with, but can never quite prove it?
Put a stop to this global charger thievery now, with your own personalized PhunkeeTree charger! Next time your Dad wants to snatch your charger, our Pink Glitter fortress will leave him thinking thrice.

We offer all designs in a charger for the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad & iPod.
All designs are available in a Sleek or Protective Case and can be bundled with a matching charger.
Our chargers come with a universal USB adapter, which can be used for almost any device that can be powered by a USB (BlackBerry, Samsung, Droid, Kindle, Nook and Camera.

World Liberty TV, had the pleasure of interviewing Mr Max Yellin , Co-Founder of Phunkee Tree Company , and the products they were showcasing at the NY Now Show 2014, See what he had to say.

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