Intel’s Winter in Wonderland Technology Showcase in NYC-2014

Ring in the holidays with the hottest Intel-powered devices. Intel is showcasing the latest and greatest technology ,from tablets , 2 in 1 devices and a smartphone to All –in-one PCs and wearables-all with Intel Inside. At the forefront of this year’s holiday collection are devices powered by the new Intel Core M processor, delivering amazing performance and improved battery life for some of the thinnest, fanless 2 in 1 devices available.

2 in 1s:

Intel –powered 2 in 1 devices solve the “and/or” problem by offering the mobility of a tablet combined with the power of a laptop- all in one sleek device .The 2 in 1 devices easily suit your needs whether it’s to accomplish tasks that require a workhorse or fast performance on the go.They detach,flip or slide to easily take you from work to play .Now with the Intel Core M processor ,they run quieter and cooler than ever before.

Great tablets have Intel inside.Intel performance delivers lightening –fast Web browsing, long battery life, super-responsive apps and seamless downloads,Intel technology supports both Android and Windows,from high-end to entry-level price points and all kinds of different screen sizes.There is an Intel-tablet designed for everyone to fit all needs and price points.

When you want a phone and a tablet you can’t go wrong with an Intel-powered device .The first U.S. smartphone with an Intel processor and LTE Modem is perfect for your teen looking for a new device this holiday season or even your grandparent who may just want a bigger screen for their phone.

Desktop PCs and Gaming Devices:

When you need serious performance for your gaming ,action videos and photos, Intel –Powered desktops are the perfect choice .With the first 4 GHz base-frequency quad-core processor,you get the strong performance that you need and the blazing fast speed that you crave.

World Liberty TV, Technology Team was on hand at the Intel’s Winter in Wonderland Technology Showcase in NYC-2014, see some of the newest items with intel products embedded in them and you will understand why Intel is the World’s Greatest Chip maker.


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