Interview with Kent Stetson Founder of Kent Stetsons Handbags Art to-go-2016

USA –made products with fair wages are inherently more expensive than foreign made goods.The profit margins for each piece  are small relative to those designer labels manufactured overseas.Think of how expensive it is to have a piece of art professionally framed –several hundred dollars for a small pic.

A small team and over $1000,000 of equipment go into making each bag.

“Is it hand-painted” no.The Designer creates the image ,which is then digitally printed onto the canvas ,laminated, assembled,and sewn all fron his workshop in Rhode Island.

“Is it leather” no.It is a digital print on a coated cotton canvas.Note for vegan customers: we use scraps from our leather products to make the very small tabs that hold the shoulderstrap d-rings in place. This is part of our commitment to generating no waste-however by request we can make a bag using vinyl for this piece.

How does it wear?”  The prints are coated ,so they are durable .They wear like colored leather ,so should be stored in their dustbags  for travel ,and avoid excessive abrasion or scratching.

Will the thing fall of the flap?” not without extreme efforts .The Flap attachments are all fused  on with industrial –grade adhesives and then sewn in place with bonded nylon thread .The attachments are made from foam, resin ,and polymers.If the attachment is “squishy “. Do not squeeze it hard as it can crack.

Fun Facts: –There are nearly 50 steps that go in to making each bag.

-We believe that the inside of the bag is an important part of the experience of using a bag, and therefore your customers will be surprised and delighted when you share the vibrant linings that individually complement each print.

-Each piece is hand-traced and cut without dies.

-The entire process is done in the USA, and the majority of materials and components that go in to making each bag are USA-Sourced .

-Although sold all over the world and popular among celebrities, our production  facility can only produce 10,000 pieces a year, making them truly special collectors items.

-Every piece is made-to-order, there is no overstock ,and we do not mark-down.

-Our ecologically –conscientious production facility generates only one bag of trash a week.

-Getting each print to “line up” is a painstakingly exact process that takes very careful preparations and individual attention for each piece.

To learn more about Kent Stetson and his wonderful Stetson bags.


World Liberty TV, had the pleasure of interviewing Mr  Kent Stetson at the ATS New York Show recently , see what he had to say to us, right here in our World Liberty TV, Fashion review channel.

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