Kevin L. Michel, Presidential Impersonator Promoting the book Fool Me Twice (2012)

The news that HBO was planning a 2011 documentary film chronicling the meteoric rise of Barack Obama came to no one as a surprise. Many had suggested that it would be difficult to cast someone to play the President, and this would be a difficult casting decision. I am blogging to celebrate the amazing selection HBO has made of comedian Kevin Michel to play the president.
At first one would think a comedian a radical (or maverick) choice, but Kevin has succeeded in capturing the essence of the superstar president. Having only recently begun work on the impression, Mr. Michel has made great strides in mimicking Obama and is notably very funny. Here he is doing a spoof of an Obama press conference.
World Liberty TV had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin L. Michel, Presidential Impersonator promoting the book, Fool Me Twice at The BEA 2012. See what he had to say about Michelle and Bo, The Dog.

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