Lupe Guajardo Fashion Designer from chile at Mercedes Benz NYFW-2015

Lupe Gajardo is an emerging fashion designer from Santiago – Chile. Despite of her early age and career, both the press and the industry experts consider her Latin American fashion’s “prodigy child”.

Any discussion of the essential characteristics of her fashion style and inspiration must begin with her native country of Chile, unfamiliar to the majority of the people around the world yet locally admired for its natural beauty and cultural attractiveness. She lived in the north of the country (desert), studied in the Coast (Viña del Mar, Valparaíso) and finally returned to live and establish herself in the Capital. Through this experience, she benefited from the cultural richness of different areas of the country, which inspirations are translated into her collections.

She launched her self-named brand in 2010 and immediately surprised the industry with her fresh and unique talent. Since then, she hasn’t stopped: 9 collections, Berlin Fashion Week, FTV’s top 5 trendsetters of the year, Santiago Fashion Week, collaborations with Diet Coke to design a special edition of the can distributed across Chile, interviews for Latin American Vogue and H&M Life. In early 2014, she traveled to New York City where she had an internship experience with the renowned Latin American designer, Sebastian Errazuriz

Lupe Gajardo’s distinguishing features are beauty; a sense of craft; a strong, confident silhouette; and the marriage of Latin American tradition with the avant-garde. But even more than that, it offers a fresh injection of Latin America’s energy, power and soul for the truly authentic, stylish and daring to experiment and feel.

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