Master Artist Ross Pino Creates a masterpiece on electric, Mercedes Benz EQS Sedan-2023

By:Dr.Adal M.Hussain,Phd (AKA) Dr. Abbey ,Editor @ Large for World Liberty TV

Ross Pino is an artist born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Growing up with two younger brothers and alcohol and drug addicted parents, instability was a familiar concept from a young age. Throughout his childhood he would find himself frequently moving from place to place and at the age of 13, he discovered skateboarding.

R-L Dr Abbey , Rosalind Panda Artist & Ross Pino master Artist

Skateboarding propelled him into a very unique independent way of life and expressing himself. Having found a new family to grow up with within the skate scene, he derived a strong sense of style and love for fashion. Skateboarding also introduced him to some of the best music in the industry, as well as a very creative outlet to fashion and art. As he got better at skateboarding he began to make moves in the skateboard community, with sponsors, touring from city to city.

Master Artist Ross Pino

This is how he found himself in the heart of NYC at the age of 20 years old where he would start a fruitful career as a model and actor. After a few years of climbing the ladder in the world of fashion and entertainment he found that he was not fulfilled through these outlets as he expected to be which led him back to expressing himself through creative outlets such as writing and art. The moment he picked up a can of paint and paint brush he instantly became obsessed and couldn’t put it down.

Actress Katrina Chiovon wearing Ross Pino Jacket with his art work

Ross Pino is a self-taught artist he did not have any reference for a style of painting he was trying to achieve. He would draw and paint skulls at first and his daughter would usually paint with him.

His daughter has been the heaviest influence throughout his creation process. Watching her do her own art with such a free spirit and brushstroke sparked the drive to simulate the childlike nature of what she was doing but to also lay down his own edgy foundation. As he continued to paint he allowed his daughter to incorporate her own work and concepts in majority of his paintings.

Ross Pino Art Work 1


His obsession with juxtaposing, the light and the darkness, good and evil, right and wrong, yin and yang angles and demons has played a major role in his artistic journey. He incorporates numerical synchronicities that have been happening in his life since he started painting.

While at times his work is very dark and mysterious, he likes to think of himself as a conceptual artist that includes secret messages, and a heavy spiritual underling throughout. The goal in his work is to show people how to unlock the inner child with in, and to find healing from a false identity that we can sometimes let have too much say in our day to say lives.

Ross Pino art work 2

MISSION STATEMENT : Ross Pino is an artist whose main focus is to conceptualize the awakening process. Telling the story of life and death, good and evil, and in general the duality within this world.

Ross Pino Welcoming guests

His main objective is to set people free from negative mindsets and destructive thought patterns, and to help them step into their fullest most elevated Verizon of themselves.

Ross Pino Art Work 3

Ross Pino on November 10th 2023, promoted the “The Gentleman’s Experience “ A Special Collab Event with Mercedes- Benz X Artist Ross Pino at the Mercedes Benz Showroom in New York city.

Showcasing many works along with the unveiling of his newest work on the all-electric, EQS Sedan, it was a wonderful work of art on the Mercedes benz, all-electric, EQS Sedan, hundreds of people in attendance enjoyed the car debut, networking, food and drinks.

Dr Abbey getting an hair cut by Master barber from Travel Groom

Live music was by strange majik, live dancers and performances, Sponsors included: Travel Groom, geo events, drink misguided, thewraplabny, marlow bistro, Director of Special Events by sookis00ki and firstcityproject.

I am very honored to support Ross, who had a very tough life and made a great comeback and is on his way to doing big things in life in the Art World.

The banner says it all

My dear friend Rosalind Panda World Renowned Artist and founder of Rosalind Panda Arts Inc,  who was in attendance ,  best described Ross Pino’s art: “Every breath is a rebirth, evolving humans through transformation leading to a new beginning!”

Strange Majik Band doing a live performance

To learn more about Ross Pino , master artist and purchase his pieces of art you can log onto his website by clicking here 

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