Artexpo New York City-2023

By: Steve Webner Staff Writer for World Liberty TV

Artexpo New York continuously develops new programs that champion the power of the arts to start conversations we might not otherwise have.

Dr Abbey with Art of Gigi

These special programs range from immersive artist-led experiences to compelling Art Talks with today’s leading gallerists and innovative artists.

Dr Abbey at Martine Allard Sculpture

Featured programs include the Spotlight Program, Discoveries Collection, Art Talks, and Meet the Artist sessions. Redwood Art Group is the leading connector of collectors, galleries, and artists.

Jimmy Aponte Artist

REDWOOD ART FAIRS: With over 40 art fairs spanning more than 11 years, our shows in New York, Miami, Dallas, Santa Fe, and San Diego are celebrated as premier destinations for discovering and collecting contemporary and modern art and design.

HDT Fine Art

Attracting nearly 100,000 attendees annually, Redwood Art Group fairs support galleries as they champion the careers of artists, strengthen the local art market, and inspire art lovers from around the world.

Thousands in attendance at Art Expo 2023

REDWOOD ONLINE ART MARKETPLACE: Our online art shop—curated by art-industry pros with over 68 years of combined experience—allows us to further spread the joy of owning art, from the emerging to the iconic.

Stacy Kessler & Guests

By selling original art online, we not only nurture the careers of artists and galleries but also give art enthusiasts and collectors alike the opportunity to explore new artistic horizons, to be moved and transported by the works of talented artists, and to be part of our global art community.

Zakiya Raines Artist

REDWOOD MEDIA GROUP:  Redwood Media Group is the parent company of Redwood Art Group. Founded in 2009, Redwood Media Group is the nation’s leader in exhibitions and event production, media, and marketing for the global fine art community.

Yakkha Nadha representing Sri Lankan Sculpture Artist

Art doesn’t just add decoration or bring color into your living room. Art is a way of living. It is invigorating to see someone both creating and dedicating their time to what gives them the most joy in life. By pursuing these passions and working against the grain, they inspire us to do the same.

Sherwin O Cadore Visual Artist

At Redwood Art Group, we help people make a statement—from the artist showcasing one-of-a-kind originals that serve as portals into their life and unique experiences to the gallery that embraces their incredible vision to the collector who discovers that perfect piece and proudly displays it in their home.

We believe that art reminds us of what is possible and that, through our online art shop and art fairs, you, too, can make your life a work of art.

Nicoletta Belletti Italian Artist

Our team is comprised of experts with a diverse range of experiences in the art world, from sales and marketing to IT to event production.

Passionate about connecting galleries and artists with art lovers and collectors who love their work, we work tirelessly to present carefully curated collections of the best original fine art and design both in person at our critically acclaimed fairs and online at our art shop. We believe that great art makes you think, feel, and see in new and interesting ways. It’s one of the most rewarding parts about creating and collecting the art you love—and the reason most of us got into it in the first place.

Art Love Gallery

I have to say, this year’s Art Expo 2023, VIP Party opening was rocking, many artists from all around the world came, to exhibit their Art Pieces, Sculptures, Digital Art, I even met a Woman who had paintings of Prince and Marilyn Monroe on the same dress she was wearing.

Hundreds of people were in attendance, buyers, sellers, Art Gallery owners, agents, and just Art loving people like me who appreciate the art and the artist.

Dr Abbey with Worlds Youngest Artist Mikail Akar

I would say the youngest artist in the World, according to his father was from Turkey aged 10, Mikail Akar, known within the art community as “the Young Picasso” and “the world’s youngest abstract artist,” Mikail creates with an innate understanding of the way vibrant colors and forms can complement and interplay with one another. At just four years old, Mikail held his first exhibition in SBK Haus, a community center in his native city of Cologne.

Rosalind Panda with her Piece of Art City Never Sleeps –New York

Rosalind Panda, is a well-known global fine artist and Technology Innovator living in New York, United States of America. She is a creative person, working mainly in oil paint, paintbrushes, pallet knives to create specific textures. She had a beautiful piece of art Called the City Never Sleeps –New York. This was a piece of art many people enjoyed viewing and showed a lot of interest during the four days, the art expo 2023, took place. According to Ms. Panda many people told her that her piece was one of the best they had seen at the Art Expo 2023. Rosalind, is truly one of the brilliant woman I have known, she is Not only a great Artist, but also a Technology Innovator, Book Author, Speaker, Construction Company Owner, not sure how she does all this. But a woman on a mission, who has graced the covers of prestigious magazines like, Forbes, USA Today, New York Weekly and many more. To buy or learn more about Rosalind Arts Click here for more information.

Dr Abbey with Lynde Washington Fine Artist

Lynde Washington, Fine Artist , Lynde Fine Art acts as a visual historian for melanated people. In a space where traditional history can’t always be trusted, Lynde Washington has taken it upon himself to capture black excellence with a brush and a vision and let the stories live in truth. Lynde wanted to commemorate the late Muhammad Ali. For many people of color, Muhammad Ali is a symbol of strength and the epitome of standing up for what you believe. Ali was unapologetic. And he was unapologetically BLACK. And oftentimes he paid the cost. But despite the backlash and the repercussions, he remained steadfast in his belief system. Muhammad Ali was Black Excellence personified.

Dr Abbey with Heather Lee Fazzino Artist

Heather Lee Fazzino, Artist, Heather Lee Fazzino is poised to join her famous father, 3D pop artist Charles Fazzino, among the ranks of her generation’s most influential artists. Born in 1990, Heather has always had a deep sense of artistic style and a love of fashion. She has since combined the two loves into one, launching her latest line of art-inspired canvases and apparel.

Dr Abbey with Ellen Qiongzhao Schicktanz Curator

Ellen Qiongzhao Schicktanz, Cuarator and Deputy Secretary General , Ellen Qiongzhao Schicktanz, is an Asian American Artist, Doctor of Literature, President of the American Goddess Art Museum and Deputy Secretary-General of the Rodin International Artists Foundation. As she learned art from childhood, Mr. Gongliu   Luo gave Ellen Qiongzhao the guidance of oil painting. She graduated from the Kyoto University of Art and Design, the Northwest University of China, Tokyo Waseda University of Japan and earned a doctorate in art history.

Dr Abbey with Tiawan Artist atilio Chien

Attilio Chien , Artist : Why I have Kiss artworks? We’re living in a world that full of Hi-Tech products, do we remember when the last time we had a good hug with family or friends, and gave them a lovely warm kiss? Some people would like to slide their phone rather than to talk with their friends even they sit at the same table. It’s cold but true that we might feel more and more lonely.

I like to listen stories of kiss from friends or strangers, then create artworks to show different kind of kisses, love, surprise, happiness or even funny. When I heard people who came to my exhibitions “Thank you, we can feel warm and love today”, they said. that’s a strong power to inspire me to create more kiss artworks, to show more kiss stories.

let’s kiss goodbye to love. “We are all born because of being loved.

Broderick Price with his Art work

Broderick Price, Artist: In 2013 I began painting and exhibiting again in NYC with a solo show at THE NEW SCHOOL and in studios I created in the Dominican Republic with the help of local villagers. After painting many Dominican landscapes and portraits I began a new series of larger gestural abstract oil paintings.

In New York I continue to paint my fascination with what art is, what it can mean, by turning my workspace into a university of ideas about art and what artists have done with them followed by my own enlightened works including now new forays into quantum physics in informing ideas for paintings.

Ruxandra Mocean Artist

Ruxandra Morcean , Artist: I am a Romanian artist currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I  started painting at the tender age of 3, before I could read or write and I won my first national award at the age of 10 – competing against mature artists of all ages.

I have been painting Christian icons ever since childhood and even though my style has developed greatly over the years, many of my works still carry a byzantine influence to date.

Strong emotions and my devotion to God are the main sources of inspiration which is why my artworks are so deeply expressive, creating a bridge between my soul and the souls of viewers.

These are some of the artists we had a pleasure of meeting at the Art Expo 2023, VIP Opening Reception, see more in our World Liberty TV, Luxury Channels and Blogs by clicking here.

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