United Nations & Partners Host #SHAREHUMANITY Event For World HUMANITARIAN DAY -2015

The United Nations and partners brought together humanitarian workers, media innovators, celebrity musicians and influencers on the eve of World Humanitarian Day (WHD) in the name of inspiring the world’s humanity using the power of social media. The event was punctuated by storytelling and musical performances and place a spotlight on humanitarian crises around the world – with the ultimate goal of galvanizing a greater sense of global citizenship through this year’s groundbreaking #ShareHumanity digital campaign.

The Following Participated:

Juanes, Colombian music superstar
Cody Simpson, Australian singer/songwriter
Inna Modja, Malian-French singer/songwriter
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations
Amy Robach, Good Morning America anchor
Suroosh Alvi, founder of VICE Media, Inc.
Nima Elbagir, CNN senior international correspondent

Featuring inspiring stories from survivors of humanitarian crises and relief efforts in action, the #ShareHumanity campaign calls on celebrities, influencers and the general public to “donate” their social media feeds for 24 hours, turning social media channels into unique, never-before-seen storytelling platforms. August 19 marks the anniversary of the 2003 United Nations Headquarters bombing in Baghdad that claimed the lives of 22 people. In an effort to raise awareness of humanitarian assistance worldwide – and the people who risk their lives to provide it – the UN General Assembly in 2008 designated August 19 as “World Humanitarian Day.” This WHD event, which was organized with the generous support of the Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates,aims to create a massive display of public support for humanitarian action leading up to the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul (May 2016).

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