New Technology Item Reviews in World Liberty TV (2013)

Magnetyze Magnetic Charging System

By: BuQu Tech
Magnetyze cases are made to work hand in hand with a whole family of Magnetyze charging accessories so you can power up at home, on the road, and everywhere in between. Magnetyze accessories feature:
Full speed cordless charging
Instant magnetic attachment/detachment for easy “grab and go”
360 degree phone rotation for viewing from any angle
Compatible with all iPhone and Android Magnetyze cases – everyone can share
“Future proof” – when you upgrade your phone all you need is a new Magnetyze case, all of your accessories remain compatible

iLine: Mobile Music Cable Kit
By: IK Multimedia
Keep the IK Multimedia iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit with you, and you’ll always have the right cables to connect your iPad, iPhone, or other portable device to any other audio device. You get six problem-solving cables in the iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit, like a handy headphone splitter cable so two people can listen to your iPod. There are handy cable extenders too, even for your TRRS connections. There’s even a cable for easy connection to your home stereo system. If you have a portable music device, you’ll be glad you got the IK Multimedia iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit.

Brydge iPad Laptop + Built-in Stereo Speakers

By: Brydge LLC
Brydge is an iPad accessory which boasts a variety of features that augment the potential of the iPad and make it look and function astonishingly similar to Apple’s line of MacBooks, offering a full-sized keyboard, a stand, stereo speakers and more. Brydge comes in a size comparably smaller than Apple’s MacBook Air.
Your iPad will be housed using what is supposedly a patent-pending hinge, which allows nearly 180-degrees of adjustable viewing. Similar to positioning the angle of the screen on a laptop, the Brydge allows you to swivel your iPad to suit the desired angle; whether you’re watching a movie or are simply typing something, it’s extremely easy to prop your device up without the use of your hands. A full-sized QWERTY keyboard protrudes perpendicularly from the housing area.
Constructed from machined aluminum, the external portion of the Brydge attains the common simplicity Apple manages to pour into every one of its products. Unfortunately, the iPad itself will be exposed to harmful culprits; dropping the Brydge leaves your iPad at risk.
Bluetooth Compatible

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