Night of a Thousand Gowns Annual Gala – 2012

The Imperial Court of New York’s 26th Annual Night of A Thousand Gowns hit the Marriott Marquee this past Saturday and brought a whirlwind of fun and excitement to anyone attending.

The night’s theme of “Wonderland” was taken to the extremes of camp with a royal flare. The costumes by reigning Emperor and Empress Pepperica Swirl and Vanity Society alone were enough to call home about. The amount of creativity behind their brains is incredible. With probably more than seven costume changes each, this duo could have done a full show on their own.

The rest of the show’s performances had highs and lulls, highlights including Lisa -Lampinelli’s stand up, a performance from the cast of Chicago, and the opening/closing performances by the court.

The new Emperor and Empress, Ritz Kracker and Witti Repartee, were crowned towards the end of the evening to cheers and hollers from the audience.

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