NYFW Fashion Shows, presentations VIP Parties, and Vendors-Sept 2023

By: Betty Coker,  Fashion Editor in Chief  For World Liberty TV

I am glad to say New York Fashion Week, September 2023 was back in full force, I got so many invites to almost every show one can think of and was humanely impossible to attend each and every show. It reminded me of my early days, before COVID-19. We have been covering NYFW for 20 years.

Dr Abbey with Farzana Neiman Honoree & Carol ‘ Butterfli Tia’ Dunkley

Below you will see some of the Fashion shows, Fashion Presentations, Private VIP Parties and exclusive interviews with Designers, models and much more. we attended, during New York Fashion Week 2023.

Dr Abbey with Brandice Daniel Founder Harlem Fashion Row

Harlem Fashion Row Style Awards & Fashion Show & VIP Party -2023 at the Iconic Apollo Theatre in the Heart of Harlem: Harlem’s Fashion Row Celebrated Its 16th Annual Style Awards and Runway Show, Harlem Fashion Row—the organization founded by Brandice Daniel.

Dr Abbey with Anish Melwani Chairman & CEO LVMH North America

Devoted to uplifting and supporting Black and Latinx talent in fashion which included the following honoree’s: On stage, awards were collected by rapper A$AP Rocky, singer Kelly Rowland, stylists Wayman + Micah, photographer Johnny Nuñez, editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, and designer Stella Jean.

Dr Abbey with Dapper Don

Nicole Benefield Portfolio, A. Potts, and Megan Renee all showed new collections on the catwalk, too. Lastly, rapper A$AP Rocky Father of Rihanna’s 2 Boys.

ASAP Rocky Honored

Collected the Virgil Abloh Award presented by LVMH, and he spoke of his personal relationship with the late designer. “Virgil discovered us, [the A$AP Mob crew], before I got my record deal. Virgil went on to design my first album cover and first tour.”

Dr Abbey outside the Iconic Apollo Theatre Harlem USA

The Walt Disney Company, LVMH, and AT&T, among others, as sponsors. 50th anniversary of hip-hop, and aimed to celebrate the Black creatives who are shaping the current fashion landscape with their unique work.

Singer Kelly Rowland being Honored

I am honored to call Brandice Daniel founder of Harlem Fashion Row, a friend first of all and a brilliant woman who assembled a great time to give people of color an opportunity in the fashion world and sectors and at the same time give them a seat at the table. Harlem Fashion Row, Panels, VIP Events, Styling awards, High level Fashion events, and showcasing some of the biggest names in the world who are people of Color.

Nicole Benfield Portfolio Fashion Show

Dapper Don Legendary Fashion Designer and Icon in Harlem and the Fashion Industry said, it best that evening.

Guests in attendance at HRF Week Event

If it was not for our people we would not be around, today. To learn more about Harlem Fashion Row, click here.  To See Harlem Fashion Row, Fashion Show, Style awards Show Red Carpet events and VIP Party in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels Click here.

Dr Abbey with Dionne Williams Founder & Exec Producer of Emerge FW

Emerge Fashion Show Awards Presentation and VIP Party 2023: Emerge! A Fashion Runway Show is the top emerging designer collective during New York Fashion Week and is a catalyst for providing a platform and a strong backdrop for emerging designers.

Dr Abbey with Daylon Goff President Jet Magazine

Top emerging designers from across the globe participate in the highly anticipated show each year during February and September fashion week in an effort to connect up-and-coming designers with potential buyers and fashion industry power players.

Dr Abbey with Aris Singleton CEO TGIN Products

This spectacular event discovers designers from across the world and provides them with a lifetime opportunity. Emerge! is one of the most anticipated shows during the season and is produced by D. Williams Public Relations Group.

Ms Williams Presenting award to Harlems Dapper Don

Emerge! ensures that the best and brightest designers who are still fighting to get their foot in the door have a fair shot at getting their collection showcased.

Dr Abbey with sergio delavicci Guest Model & Actor in John Wick 2

“I created EMERGE! 12 years ago to provide a national and global runway for talented designers everywhere,” states EMERGE! Creator and Producer Dionne Williams, of D. Williams Public Relations Group. “It’s my mission for EMERGE! to be a catalyst and resource for designers.”

Hundreds in attendance at Emerge FW Show

Amid the glitz and glam of the high-energy production, this year’s EMERGE! Fashion Runway Show will also present the Fashion Trailblazer Award to two fashion industry leaders. Legendary Designer & Urban Fashion Pioneer April Walker of Walker Wear, Luxury Women’s Wear Designer Sergio Hudson and the legendary Dapper Dan.

Ms Dionne presenting award to Urban Fashion Pioneer April Walker

This coveted honor recognizes the trailblazing work, creativity and contributions of a leading designer in the industry positively laying the pathway for upcoming designers & creatives.

Fashion Model at Emerge FW

We at World Liberty TV, have been covering Emerge Fashion Week for close to 7 years, it’s a great show all put together by EMERGE! Creator and Producer Dionne Williams, of D. Williams Public Relations Group and her team.

MS Williams Honoring Womens wear Designer Sergio Hudson

To learn more about more about Emerge Fashion Week, click here for more information.    To see Emerge Fashion Show 2023, Awards Presentation and VIP Party in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels by clicking here.

Dr Abbey at HiTech Moda Fashion Show 2023

Hi-Tech Moda Fashion Shows-2023 : The Event featured top emerging and established designers and boutiques from around the world, showcasing a unique blend of hi-tech and sustainable fashion. The day will be filled with various shows from designers like Kat Couture, Nita Belle’s Closet, Archie Brown, Elizabeth Cordela, and Eiffel Bleu, among others.

Mature Model Wearing a design by Wow Wear Designs

In addition to the fashion shows, there was  a special presentation by Indigenous Designers: Ally’s Ribbons by Alyssia Sutherland and VIVIDUS RUNWAY by Tierra alyssia. This event is not just about fashion, it’s about celebrating diversity and creativity. Said its founder and Executive Producer Hi-Tech Moda, Ms. Pamela Privette.

Model Wearing Wow Wear Bathing outfit

World Liberty TV, Fashion Team has been covering Hi-Tech Moda Fashion Shows for the past 4 years.

Models Wearing Wow Wear Designs

See more about Hi-Tech Moda Fashion Shows by clicking here.  To see Hi-Tech Moda Shows 2023, in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels click here.

Dr Abbey with Preston Founder Small Boutique Fashion Week

Small Boutique Fashion Week Show -2023: The industry’s most powerful event for indie brands voted by CBS & Forbes.com will be celebrating Season #22 of Small Boutique Fashion Week in the biggest way possible.

Fashion Designer with her models

Small Boutique Fashion Week NYC Fashion Week will take place Saturday September 10th & will feature over 50+ brands debuting their collections during our award winning fashion shows and vendor market.

SBFW Was Created in 2012 to Provide Emerging Designers with an Upscale Platform to display their work…

Plussize Model Wearing Bomb Ace Design

Hosting over 3000+ fashion brands over the past 10 years and 15 states, Small Boutique Fashion Week has been providing a safe space for indie design community for almost a decade. SBFW has been featured in notable publications such as Fox Business Network, Forbes & Upscale Magazine and has been listed as the number fashion event for indie brands votes by CBS.

Many of our participants have gone on to style celebrities, sell to boutiques and stores and even compete on Project Runway.

Mass Media covering SBFW Show 2023

World Liberty TV, Fashion Team has been covering the Small Boutique Fashion Week for the past 8 years.

To learn more about more about Small Boutique Fashion Week and its shows taking place throughout the world, click here for more information.  To See Small Boutique Fashion Show 2023, in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels click here.

Dr Abbey with Arthur Mandel Co-Founder Nolcha Fashion Shows

NOLCHA FASHION Designers Spring/Summer 2024, Showcase:  The Nolcha Shows are a leading award winning event, held during New York Fashion Week, for independent fashion designers to showcase their collections to a global audience of press, retailers, stylists and industry influencers.

Dr Abbey with Mercedes SUV

Over the past eleven years the Nolcha Shows have become established as a platform of discovery; promoting cutting edge innovative fashion designers through runway shows and exhibitions.

Guests in attendance enjoying Nolche Fashion Events

The Nolcha Shows have built an acclaimed reputation as a hot incubator of new fashion design talent and are officially listed by New York City Economic Development Corporation; offering a range of cost effective options to increase independent fashion designer’s recognition and develop their business.

Dr Abbey with Vendor Promoting NFL Licensed Chairs

The successful showcase consistently receives positive media coverage including features in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, New York Times, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, NBC and Inc and supported by brands including smartwater, Rusk, Vitamin Water, American Airlines, Don Q Rums and Landrover.

The NOLCHA Fashion Show 2023, had the following designers participate at the Iconic Mercedes Benz Showroom NYC. Vitruvius, often abbreviated as “Vs.,” is a forward-thinking fashion collective reshaping the boundaries of fashion by merging art, technology, and sustainable design.

Designers of fashion event

Tina Tandon: is a NY based FIT trained Indian-American Fashion designer, having her fashion knowledge and experience fine-tuned with the likes of Top European Fashion brands – ESCADA and CHRISTIAN LACROIX under LVMH.

Oh Polly: Through our fashion-forward designs, we aim to bring pleasure, entertainment, and moments of celebration into our customers’ lives. From vibrant party dresses that make hearts skip a beat, to playful and trendy everyday wear that sparks joy, our products are carefully crafted to evoke positive emotions and create unforgettable moments.

Model wearing an Sustainable outfit

New York Culture Club: is a fashion collective revolutionizing the way we perceive fashion through groundbreaking technology solutions. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, NYCC has embarked on a journey that goes beyond conventional fashion, seamlessly integrating non-invasive, microelectronics into their apparel and accessories.

So many other designers who were also showcasing their lines of clothing. Our World Liberty TV, has covered the NOLCHA Fashion Week for close to 10 years.

One of many Vendors Exhibiting

To learn more about NOLCHA, Click here for more information.   To See NOLCHA FASHION Show 2023 and Vendors Showcase, in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels Click here for more information.

Dr Abbey with Kenneth Cole World Renowned Designer

 FASHINNOVATION Worldwide Talks & Vendor Showcase -2023: Fashinnovation was born with the main purpose of fostering positive transformation in the industry. Education is essential, innovation is what gives the right direction and action is what changes the world!

Jordana Guimaraes Co-Founder, Fashinnovation and Marcelo Guimaraes Founder, Fashinnovation.

Fashinnovation Gives is a space dedicated to elevate institutions that we believe in and that are changing the world for good.

Founded by Jordana Guimaraes Co-Founder, Fashinnovation and Marcelo Guimaraes Founder, Fashinnovation.

Guests networking

Kenneth Cole Founder & Chief Creative Officer Kenneth Cole and Founder & Chairman, The Mental Health Coalition, was the keynote speaker of the event.

One of Many Vendors Exhibiting

We are CONFERENCE, We Are Connection, We Are Community Throughout the day, guests Experience Talks by Leaders in the Industry, an Exhibition of TECH and Fashion Brands, Startup Pitch for Investors and a Cocktail Networking event.

World Liberty TV, Team Has Been Covering Shows, Vendor Showcases and these kind of talks for Jordana Guimaraes and her company for over 13 years.

One of many panels in progress

To learn more about FASHINNOVATION Worldwide Talks, click here for more information.  To see FASHINNOVATION 2023 coverage in our World Liberty TV , Fashion Channels, Click here.

Dr Abbey with Designer Victor dE Souza

VICTOR  De  SOUZA Fall/ Winter Line Fashion Show-2023 :  Since the inception, Victor dE Souza has practiced sustainability by creating timeless pieces with quality and care reminiscent of traditional couture. Victor dE Souza’s “Conscious Couture” is a lifestyle that is committed to beauty, integrity, being set apart as well as conscious production.

Navitas Parfum By Victor dE Souza

Committed to the traditional art of couture, Argentinian born Victor dE Souza is a New York local who provides meticulous craftsmanship coupled with artistry.

The Victor dE Souza product line is focused on formal wear, beauty & lifestyle accessories. His thoughtful production is served with a finished element that is detailed by hand, using high quality materials and personally designed for the client’s fit while minimizing wasted materials.

Dr Abbey with Joseph Palmisano Publisher Editor Hamptons Story Board Magazine

The patterns used are hand designed, measured and graded, by Victor himself. These pieces are truly timeless, garnering art that will last and can be passed down from one generation to another.

Dr Abbey with Victor dE Souza Models

Sustainability – Responsibility – Accountability – Beauty – Longevity.

Model wearing an Victor dE Souza Design

See Victors 2024, line in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channel by Clicking here. To learn more about VICTOR  De  SOUZA and his designs click here for more information.  See VICTOR  De  SOUZA 2023, fashion Show in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels by clicking here.

Dr Abbey at St Regis Hotel NYC at NARDOS Fashion Show 2023

Nardos Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show:  Nardos Imam is a renowned fashion designer who has developed a strong reputation for creating high-end, luxurious, and elegant garments. She was born and raised in Eritrea, where she was surrounded by sound of her mother’s sewing.

Nardos Imam Designer with her models

Inspiring her to pursue a career in the fashion industry when she moved to the United States. After graduating, she began her career working at Richard Brooks—a luxe fabric stores in Dallas.

Guests enjoying NARDOS Show

In 2012, Nardos decided to launch her own fashion house – NARDOS Couture. Her designs have been seen on many celebrities.

Model wearing Nardos Design 2

Making her one of the most sought-after designers for evening wear, couture and bridal wear, ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. Her understanding of fabrics and silhouettes are what make each piece individually special and timeless.

Model wearing a Nardos Design

See More about Nardos Designs by clicking here.  To See Nardos Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels Click here.

Dr Abbey with Designer Dennis Basso

DENNIS BASSO SPRING SUMMER 2024 COLLECTION: Dennis Basso’s inspiration for Spring-Summer 2024 is the style, strength and grace of great American families across the generations. Icons of American style, these confident, free-spirited women embody the freshness and vivaciousness of New World glamour.

backstage at Dennis Basso Show 2023

Breezing across a ballroom or floating across a garden patio, poised, polished and perfectly modern, this is occasional day dressing and special evening wear crafted for summer resorts and sunny winter havens. Visions in silk chiffon, satin faced organza and embroidered lace; point’ d’esprit, four-ply silk and gazar capture the soigné mood.

Dr Abbey with Jonathan Foodgod Cheban Reality Star

Man-tailored jackets with a feminine twist, petite evening boleros and urbane jumpsuits mingle with stunning one-shouldered silhouettes, flared cocktail dresses and flowing gowns in a shimmering palette of pale blue, midnight black, polka dots, bronze, copper and white. Handmade flowers add a touch of couture magic.

Models wearing a Dennis Basso Design during fashion week

Ready for anything, free of restraint, poised to take on the world with panache, these are our American beauties.

Model Wearing Dennis Basso Design

To learn more about Dennis Basso Spring Summer 2024 Collection, click here for more information.  To see exclusive interview with Dennis Basso and his Dennis Basso Spring Summer 2024 Collection in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels Click here.

Dr Abbey with Gerard McKeon Publisher Black Tie Magazine & Guests

Black Tie Magazine Fashion Show and Gala -2023:  BLACK TIE GALA Black Tie Magazine International Fashion Show Wine Tasting, Art Exhibit& Charity Event Wednesday September 6, 2023 at Manhattan Motor Cars in New York City. Close to 300 people were in attendance, which included High Fashion Shows, Entertainment.

Dr Abbey with Dr Mark Watson

Many vendors showcasing their brands. Many people from different sectors were in attendance networking and meeting many folks to do business with.

Dr Abbey with Chinese Dancer

I want to thank my dear friend over 25 years Gerard McKeon who was the force behind putting together The Black Tie Magazine Fashion Show and Gala -2023., who has covered some of the biggest events taking place in NY and around the World in his Black Tie Magazine.

Dally-Ann Delpeche of Dady Jones Vodka

Alongside The Chief Editor for Black Tie Magazine Joyce Brooks. To Learn more about the Black Tie Magazine and attend some of the biggest events taking place in New York City. Click here for more information.

Dr Abbey with Mark Jaffe President greater ny chamber of commerce & his daughter

See Some of the vendors during New York Fashion Week 2023, feel free to visit their websites, and support them by purchasing their products or referring them to your network of friends who can benefit from their services.

Center Dr Abbey With Ms Falco & Emma Medeiros Publicist

Lucia Falco Accessories: Unique hand-crafted beaded bags and accessories to go with any outfit or occasion. Let yourself sparkle and feel special.

Lucia Falco President of Lucia Falco Accessories holding up her Beaded bag

These are wonderful Pearl Beaded bags, our Fashion Chief-Editor Loves these bags and carries them to all her social events, to learn more or purchase Lucia Falco Accessories you can to their Instagram by clicking here.

Dr Abbey with Dr ROSSI DERM MD

Dr ROSSI DERM MD: THE COLLECTION These scientific discoveries together with his belief that skincare should be universal drove Dr. Rossi to envision medical-grade formulas for people of all genders, ages, and races that would target the root cause of skin sensitivity and premature aging without harsh additives, irritants, or chemical fillers. It was an entirely novel concept that only Dr. Rossi could have imagined. To learn more about Dr ROSSI DERM MD and purchase click here for more information.

To See Exclusive Coverage of New York Fashion Week 2023, in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels, Blogs and Who is Who? of the Fashion World by clicking here.

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