Poker Night 2 Review – 2013

Poker Night 2 is the sequel to the 2010 game Poker Night at the Inventory developed by Telltale Games.

While Telltale is known for its heavily story driven games, the Poker Night games are strictly about the character dialogue and the core poker experience, as opposed to any real plotlines or character development.

These characters are already familiar to fans, so Poker Night 2 allows each character’s personality to really shine through in what would otherwise be a serious and quiet game.

The witty banter keeps players engaged all throughout the game, and with many unlocks up for grabs, you will always have an incentive to keep playing, no matter how many times you’ve won or lost.

Any players of Borderlands 2 can earn class based rewards for each character in that game. Also, Xbox 360 players can earn Avatar Items, PlayStation 3 players can earn themes, and PC/Mac players can earn exclusive items for Team Fortress 2.

All of these add even more reasons to play.

With so many unlockable items, and all the fan service put into this game, fans of poker, the characters, or just some good laughs will have a great time with Poker Night 2.

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