President Barack Obama, 44th President of the USA Speaking about Health Care at The CGI Meeting 2013

President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton engaged in a conversation about the benefits and future of health care reform in America and access to quality health care around the globe.

The new law, Mr. Clinton added, has “actually led to the establishment of more companies doing more bidding.”

Mr. Obama spent much of his time responding to critics by methodically laying out the benefits that people will receive once the health law is in place. And he urged young and uninsured Americans to sign up for coverage, saying it would not cost them much to do so.

“Just go to the website yourself, go to, you know,, take a look at whether this is a good deal or not,” he said. “When people look and see that they can get high-quality, affordable health care for less than their cellphone bill, they’re going to sign up. They are going to sign up.”

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