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Welcome WLTV viewers,

Sometimes, it’s not all fun and games. We have to be aware of what’s happening in our country and our world. For those who don’t want to comb history books to understand a little bit of politics, we have our World Liberty TV Politics channel. We give you interviews from today’s leaders from around the country at key events.

Check out President Obama’s keynote speech at CGI or look at Mayor Michael Bloomberg Speech on Gun Control (a topic that is on everyone’s mind as a part of the Trayvon Martin conversation this past year).

Dr. Abbey with President   Barack Obama

Mayor Michael Bloomberg Speech on Gun Control, 2012

Also get to see the Borough Presidents of New York City in exclusive WLTV interviews. Remember to especially check out Marty Markowitz’s interview since as every Brooklynite knows, he is retiring from the position soon.

Dr. Abbey with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz

To see interviews from the rest of our Borough Presidents and other politicians, remember to check out our Politics channel.

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