Review of Luna Park Rides at Coney Island Brooklyn NY -2022

By: Lidia Evita, Staff Writer for World Liberty TV

CAI built the first new amusement park in Coney Island in over 40 years. Luna Park in Coney Island opened on May 29, 2010, and immediately created 247 jobs for the local community, attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors and brought a world-class amusement destination back to Brooklyn.

95 Years of the Cyclone ride

A now defunct ride, the Parachute Jump regained some of its former glory that season when CAI covered it in 8,000 LED lights. Steeplechase Plaza also featured the restored B&B Carousell, once again owned by the City but operated by Luna Park in Coney Island.

Built in 1906 by Coney Island-based manufacturer William F. Mangels, the B&B Carousell is known as Coney Island’s last traditional carousel, and features fifty hand-carved wooden horses and two chariots which were restored by a team of carousel restoration.

Dr Abbey Enjoying the Carousel

In the summer of 2014, Luna Park in Coney Island introduced the new Thunderbolt roller coaster, an exciting custom made steel thrill ride iteration of the legendary ride that operated from 1925 until 1982.

The best way to know where you are going is to remember where you’ve been. It is in this spirit that we present a snapshot look at the rich history of Coney Island, with an eye toward the present and promising future that is taking shape at Luna Park in Coney Island, New York City’s most iconic destination for fun. Home of the Cyclone and Thunderbolt roller coasters, attractions, dining, shops, and more.

Wonder wheel

Coney is home to the first rollercoaster which debuted in 1884, the Gravity Switchback Railway, drawing lines of trailblazing thrill seekers and setting off a craze that quickly spread around the globe.

Steeplechase Park was an amusement park in the Coney Island area of Brooklyn, New York created by George C. Tilyou which operated from 1897 to 1964. It was the first of the three original iconic large parks built on Coney Island featuring the Steeplechase ride where riders straddled horse-shaped single cars and launch simultaneously, as from a horse-race starting line.

electro spin ride

Luna Park was an amusement park in Coney Island, Brooklyn, in New York City that opened in 1903. Luna Park was located on the north side of Surf Avenue on a site between 8th street, 12th street and Neptune Avenue. The park was mostly destroyed by a fire in 1944.

The Thunderbolt was a wooden roller coaster operating from 1925 until 1982 and remained standing until it was demolished in 2000. It was designed by John Miller.

Clockworkz Ride

The success of 1925s Thunderbolt led Jack and Irving Rosenthal to buy land at the intersection of Surf Avenue and West 10th Street for a coaster of their own. With a $100,000 investment, they hired coaster designer Vernon Keenan to design a new coaster. The Coney Island Cyclone opened on June 26, 1927, at only twenty five cents a ride.

The Jump, which attracted as many as half a million riders annually, was as described as “flying in a free fall and operating until 1966.

Enjoying the Legendary Cyclone Ride

The Mother of roller coaster enthusiast culture and the “Big Momma” of Coney Island the Cyclone tops everyone’s list of things to do in New York City. Find out what the hype is about and ride a piece of history at Luna Park in Coney Island. The Cyclone is both a New York City Landmark (1988) and listed in the National Register of Historic Places (1991).

Arcadian Games at Luna park

Myself and my team at World Liberty TV, had the pleasure of taking a ride on the Cyclone, it was fast and you hear a lot of screams of happiness from many folks riding it, we fully enjoyed it and went back for a second ride.

Some of the other rides we went on was the Carousel, that was an inside right, very nice going around and around, not at an fast pace, you can see many old posters all over the place, reminding you of the history of the Carousel ride.

Guests enjoying Coney Island Beach

Next was the Thunderbolt ride, As New York City’s first ever major steel roller coaster and the first of its kind, the Thunderbolt, made its worldwide debut in Coney Island in 2014. The new coaster pays homage to the historic Thunderbolt roller coaster that was originally built in 1925, operated into the early 80s and was demolished in 2000.

Thunderbolt The Ride

audacious 90 degree drop, with inversions, turns, and enough G-force to captivate the most intrepid visitors. The impressive orange colored steel behemoth’s twisted layout erupts into the cityscape mesmerizing spectators from near and far. Experience the 2,233 feet of pure exhilaration, twists, bends, and plunges that thrusts Luna Park in Coney Island into the forefront of the future of amusement parks and casts a Thunderbolt into Coney Island history for a second time. This was a ride you really had to hold on and close your eyes. Great ride for adventure seekers, we did this once and did not go back for second ride.

Iconic Nathans Hot Dogs at Coney Island Board Walk

Then our next ride was Zenobio, Extreme Thrill Catch a glimpse of ocean, sand, and sky as you’re swept 130 feet in the air at speeds over 60 mph traveling in consecutive rotations performing scream-inducing somersaults. This rousing ride makes it seem as if time stands still, as the Zenobio only comes to a halt when you’ve had your fill of thrill!. This was another great ride turning you upside down, and doing summersaults.

The Tickler, High Thrill ride: The Coney Island Coaster That Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously.A steel roller coaster that’s as zany as its name, The Tickler is a thrilling amusement attraction for families and friends. Gather up your crew and settle into a half-moon shaped four-passenger car as it starts its deliberate climb towards the famous Coney Island Tillie Face sign.

Ruby’s Bar & Grill

It’s a rib-tickling good time as you glide along an action-packed course full of over-the-edge-switchback turns, rapid-fire drops and dips and unexpected g-force-causing spins sure to leave you laughing.

It was truly a great experience, you have all kinds of food vendors on the broad walk, Nathans Hot Dogs, Ruby’s Bar & Grill and many more places, from ice cream vendors, to Funnell cakes. Also if you are looking for a quick fast food restaurant, you can find them outside, and everything is reasonably priced you will not break your bank.

Thousands in attendance at Coney Island Boardwalk

For all our New York People, you really need to go to Coney Island, once in your lifetime and take your kids and enjoy. If you are nationwide, you really want to make a stop with your family members and have fun. Worldwide audience, this is a must attend attraction in Brooklyn New York.

Thunderbolt The Ride

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