The Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards at Iconic Gotham Hall NYC-2024

By: Steve Webner Staff Writer for World Liberty TV

Celebrating Innovation, Empathy and Excellence among the Retail Solution Provider Community.

Dr Abbey with Vicki Cantrell and a guest

The Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards is an industry celebration for the solution providers that are powering the retail ecosystem. In addition to celebrating great solutions, the recognized companies are those who are willing to adapt to make more meaningful partnerships with retailers, increasing the success for all.

The Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards are an industry celebration for the solution providers that power the retail ecosystem, and the new ways that partnerships were formed and challenges were overcome.

2024 VIP Awards Judges

We want to acknowledge service to this industry, and will recognize and celebrate a willingness to transform from within, create deep and perceptive partnerships, and great solutions.

Dr Abbey with Manley Feinberg II, Int’l Keynote Speaker, Biz Leadership & Peak Performance Expert

Having established these awards for the solution provider community, we are also giving retailers a formal way to support, influence and recognize those partners who integrate business methodologies based on shared success measures and a service level designed for mutual benefit.

Let’s recognize the brave, the innovators, the teachers, the supporters and the agitators…

Dr Abbey with Legendary David Finnegan of Reach Partners & World renowned Explorer

A message from our Co-Founder, Vicki Cantrell.I believe in retail, and have always worked to advance our success and drive the art of the possible.

Retail has been my entire career. I’ve been lucky enough to work for top retailers and brands, to have represented the industry as a spokesperson, and to work for long-time retail solutions providers.

Dr Abbey with Nicole Leinbach Founder Stimilate the show

Through Vendors in Partnership, we will forge a community of solution providers and retailers founded on trust and executing on a collaborative methodology for transformative partnerships, to positively impact and develop retail’s future. This partnership and the solutions that drive retail should be celebrated.

Band Doing a live Performance

The ecosystem that powers retail is made up of important companions that deserve recognition, for guiding, providing, innovating and investing. Let’s celebrate!

The Event took place at the Gotham Hall. Located in the iconic Midtown landmark building that once housed Greenwich Savings Bank. The venue features a 9,000 square-foot Ballroom with 70-foot ceiling and an ornate stained-glass skylight.

R-L David Finnegan with guests in attendance

The Keynote speaker of the night was: Manley’s love of climbing began in college. Invited by a friend to try out a beginner’s rock climb in the hills of Kentucky, he stepped up into the Vertical and was instantly hooked.

Dr Abbey with Michael Scheibner CEO & Chairman GK Software SE

He began climbing anywhere and anytime he could. After each adventure, he would reverse-engineer the experience, evaluating what had (or hadn’t) helped him reach the summit.

Dr Abbey with Bryan A Amaral President & CEO Clientricity

The lessons he unpacked didn’t just improve his climbing, but his leadership as he helped Build-A-Bear scale from 42 stores to 425 worldwide and increase revenue from $55 Million to $470 Million.

Hundreds in attendance & networking

Join Manley Feinberg as he teases the gravity of high-stakes choices amidst life’s sheer cliffs at the VIP Awards North America.

In a session charged with adrenaline and insight, Manley will share a glimpse of the death-defying adversity that shaped his philosophy of Exponential Commitment™. Brace yourself for a keynote that promises to stretch the boundaries of your resolve and redefine what it means to truly commit in the face of overwhelming odds. Dare to climb higher – your summit awaits.

Vicki Cantrell CO-Founder VIP Awards welcoming guests

The 2024 VIP Awards Winners were all well deserving of these great iconic awards, which we saw proudly displayed at the NRF 2024, booths by the winning vendors. To see the 2024 VIP Award winners, click here.

VIP Award Presentations

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