Tony DeBlois Blind with Autism Live Entertainment performance at Strokes of Genius, Inc -2018

When not on tour, Tony enjoy’s singing with St. Mary’s Choir, the 1st Congregational Church’s vocal and handbell choir’s, playing trumpet in Randolph Community Band, attending Knights of Columbus (4th degree)and spending time with his friend hims. Besides piano, Tony enjoys playing the organ, harmonica, guitar, harpsichord, English handbells, violin, banjo, drums, saxophone, clarinet, ukulele, mandolin flute and trumpet. When not playing musical instruments Tony enjoys swimming, exercise equipment, the computer, Mystery Tours and ballroom dancing. For Tony, there are no “roadblocks” but mere obstacles to be cast aside or skirted. His favorite phrase seems to be,” I haven’t learned that yet.”

See Tony DeBlois  doing a live performance at World Autism Ability Awareness  Artworks by Individuals Brooklyn NY -2018 ,in World Liberty TV Humanitarian Channel by clicking here.

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