WOBI , World Business Forum at NY Javits Center Oct 20- 21 2021

By:Betty Coker, Editor in Chief  For World Liberty TV

With this year’s event approaching, we are hugely excited to be able to host you in person at the World Business Forum. The conference will once again provide a unique opportunity for senior executives to learn from and be inspired by some of the world’s brightest and most influential business minds.

Alan Mullaly Former CEO of Ford Keynote Speaker and Presenter

Focused on preparing leaders to face the challenges of a new business environment, the forum provides an invaluable opportunity to learn about major business and management trends, and to do so in the company of more than 2,000 other senior leaders. This is a unique and irreplaceable opportunity for anyone in a strategic leadership position in their organization.

Our 2021 program features fantastic speakers such as, Lynda Gratton, Alan Mulally and Amy Cuddy. We would be delighted to have you and your colleagues join us in person at the next edition of the World Business Forum in NYC.

Alicia Hare doing her presentation

This is the moment. The place is the World Business Forum. NOW A unique time of unprecedented change. An unparalleled opportunity for development and growth.

NOW is the time we have to refocus our strategies and transform our operations. NOW is the opportunity we have to create an enduring competitive advantage. NOW is the space we have to cultivate the unique creative, human talent upon which our organizations are based.

Dr.Abbey with Alberto Saiz CEO WOBI

It is urgent, powerful and laden with potential. Join us at World Business Forum New York 2021 for a learning experience that will equip and inspire you to leverage the full possibility of the incredible NOW.

Thinkers, leaders, doers and change-makers, coming together to provoke, galvanize, embolden and excite. Welcome to the Incredible NOW at World Business Forum NYC 2021.

The Following Speakers spoke at (WOBI), Alan Mulally , Organizational Leadership, President and Chief  Executive  Officer, The Ford Motor Company 2006-2014.

Amy Cuddy: Talent Game˛ Changing Social Psychologist and Award, winning Harvard Lecturer.

Lynda Gratton: Workforce Transformation, London Business School Professor and Expert On the Future Of Work.

Henry Timms  and Jeremy Heimans Management: Bestselling Authors And Pioneers In Building  Digital Movements.

Nathan Furr : Business Transformation, Recognized  Authority On Digital  Transformation And Disruptive Innovation.

Don Peppers : Marketing Authority  On  Customer˛ Focused  Business Stagiest.

Renée Richardson Gosline: Innovation Culture, Authority On Brand Strategy Specializing in The Intersection of Technology and Behavioral Economics.

Alicia Hare: Personal Leadership Expert in Personal Leadership and Organizational Development.

Matthew Weatherley –White: Sustainability Impact Investor and Co-Founder of the Caprock Group.

Felipe Gómez: Performance Expert in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Virtuosity.

WOBI’s Theme NOW.

We also had the pleasure of interviewing Mattia Cesco, Sales and Operations manager of Tucano USA Inc, Bags. Tucano was also the Official Bag of WOBI Summit 2021. Tucano is an Italian company that manufactures bags, backpacks, cases and accessories designed for a fast-paced, digital life. It was founded in 1985 by Franco Luini. In over thirty years of doing business Tucano has established their corporate identity with worldwide production and distribution, thanks to practical, functional and technologically advanced products. To buy or learn more about Tucano USA, Click here for more information.

Dr Abbey with Mattia Cesco and Veronica Moschi of Tucano USA

This was our 6th Appearance at WOBI, Summit in New York City, and this year was a very hard year for many companies on putting on a Conference or a Summit of this kind, we want to give a shout out to the WOBI, Team of pulling all this together, during the pandemic.

Close to 2000 people in attendance

About WOBI: WOBI is a leading global business content hub. Our goal is to produce and distribute the best management media content to help companies and their top executives improve the way they manage their organizations. We strongly believe that knowledge is the main competitive advantage in today’s business world. We create the most inspiring events on a global scale.

We offer Solutions “on demand” to bring knowledge and experience to any individual executive Our audiovisual solutions bring the brightest minds in the world to your company.

Renée Richardson Gosline

WOBI broadcasts a 24h TV channel, featuring intelligent programming for business leaders to over 15.

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