World Business Forum (WOBI) NYC 2018

By:Dr.Adal M.Hussain,Phd (AKA) Dr.Abbey ,Editor @ Large for World Liberty TV

World Business Forum New York is a two-day event that brings together senior-level decision makers from across all industries to learn from and be inspired by the world’s most renowned business thought leaders and practitioners.

WOBI President

Dr.Abbey with Alberto Saiz CEO WOBI

The event includes distinguished speakers, networking, book signings and opportunities to connect and implement on this year’s theme: the “exponential,” a welcome to the exponential age – an age of movements, of possibility, of empowerment, of impact.

2018 Speaker @ WOBI NYC

Dr.Abbey with TODD DAVIS Chief People Officer and Executive Vice President at Franklin Covey

WBF NYC Speakers: JEFF IMMELT, (Chairman/CEO, General Electric (2001–2017);) ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, (Founder of the Huffington Post, Founder/CEO of Thrive Global,); DANIEL KAHNEMAN, (Nobel Prize Winner, Father of Behavioral Economics); DANIEL GOLEMAN, (Renowned Psychologist and Leading Authority on Emotional Intelligence.

Greek/American Business Women

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON Founder of the Huffington Post FounderCEO of Thrive Global

SETH GODIN, (Best-selling author and Change Agent); SUSAN DAVID, (Award-Winning Harvard Medical School Psychologist); JUAN ENRÍQUEZ (Leading Authority and Life Sciences and Future Technology); WHITNEY JOHNSON, (Expert on Disruptive Innovation and Personal Disruption) ; SARAH LEWIS, (Best-selling Author, Curator and an Assistant Professor at Harvard University); TODD DAVIS, (Chief People Officer and Executive Vice President at Franklin Covey).

Best Selling Author

SETH GODIN, Best-selling author and Change Agent

World Business Forum: Organized and curated by WOBI each year in cities across the Americas, Europe and Asia, World Business Forum is a two-day event that brings together thousands of restless minds united by their passion for business.

Thousands of People at WBF

Thousands in attendance at WOBI 2018

They come to learn from and be inspired by some of the world’s most renowned figures from business and beyond – a blend of content comprised of CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, artists and sportspeople.

Business Bag Makers

Moleskine america exhibiting

In a world of information overload, World Business Forum focuses on the issues most relevant to today’s business people, stimulating new thinking and inspiring action. It also provides a unique networking environment to connect with like-minded professionals.

Lincoln Center NYC

World Business Forum Stage at Lincoln Center NYC

It was our 6th appearance at the World Business Forum NYC, have to say thousands of people in attendance and great speakers from around the world, sharing their wisdom and expertize with people in attendance, see more about WOBI in our World Liberty TV Business Channel and Blogs by Clicking here.

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