World Famous Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches in Rio De Janeiro -2017

We had the pleasure of  being on the most recognized and world renowned beaches in the World, World  Famous Copacabana and  Ipanema Beaches  in Rio De Janeiro. You will see exclusive footage  of both of these beaches, People Swimming, Dancing, eating, playing Beach volleyball, Soccer . Also many restaurants and small café’s , as well as many vendors selling sovereigns.

Stretching 4km, Copacabana is the longest Rio city beach! There is a subtle transition between Leme and Copacabana at Princesa Isabel Avenue which cuts across to Bota Fogo via a tunnel. The curvature of the bay provides thousands of stunning views and while swimming in the sea you can see classic Rio hills such as the Pão de Açucar.

Ipanema beach is bordered by Arpoador Beach on one end and Leblon Beach on the other end. This beach is considered one of the main centers of activity for the city of Rio. One of the most expensive places to live, the neighborhood is full of wealthy residents.

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