World Liberty TV, Wins The Best Indie Fashion Gala Publication Award-2021

BY: Foziah Muneer, Photo/Journalist for World Liberty TV

This year’s annual Indie Fashion Gala will be hosted at the historic Murray Hill New Church Mansion located at 114 E 35th St, New York, NY 10016.

Located at East 35th Street and Park Avenue in one of Manhattan’s most charming and picturesque sections, also known as Murray Hill, the Neo-Renaissance inspired building sits on a 77-foot wide lot, set back from the street, allowing for an elegant front garden perfect for our guest’s red carpet entrance.

Dr Abbey holding up his award

​The home for the New York Society, the historic mansion was built in 1859 by followers of Emanuel Swedenborg, the Swedish religious philosopher.

Rich with artistic culture and history, we look forward to honoring and celebrating a new generation of independent artists and entrepreneurs this upcoming November 13th 2021.

 Best Indie Publication World Liberty TV (Winner)  ’Mochelle Fashion Magazine, Fashion Passion Magazine,  Try Fashion Magazine,  The Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine,  Hinchology  Runway News Magazine and Enve Online .

Dr Abbey making an acceptance speech

We at World Liberty TV, are very proud that we were nominated for the Best Indie Publication Award 2021, against many worthy magazines who showcase fashion articles in their publications. I was very shocked that World Liberty TV, Fashion Channel, Blogs and Photo gallery, won the Best Indie Publication Award 2021. Our Publisher, Dr. Abbey who accepted the award on behalf of World Liberty TV, team.

Made a very heartwarming speech, he went on to say, I lost my mother 7 weeks ago to Cancer and I am picking up this award in her honor, he went on to say his mother was his inspiration for starting the Fashion channel and motivated him in covering many events in the fashion sector. He finished off thanking Mr Preston Walker and his nomination committee for the Indie Fashion Calendar.

Dr Abbey with Preston Walker of Indie Fashion Calendar & Founder SBFW

Mr Preston went on to say, this is an award Dr. Abbey richly deserves and worked very hard in the fashion sector showcasing many people and giving them positive publicity and exposure in their World Liberty TV, I also appreciate World Liberty TV, covering our Small Boutique Fashion Week shows throughout the years.

Some of the other honorees and people that were nominated for the Indie Gala awards 2021.

L-R Adrian Alicia Dr Abbey Michael Reid & Sergio Delavicci

Best Custom Designer:  Divinity Fashions, Bombazo Wear ,  Fashion Disorder,   Kevin Browne New York,The Fashion Statement, Staci T,  Carlos Valles ,  Christina Lowanga, Mila Hoffman and Kristi Vosbeck.

Best Men’s Ready to Wear: Kevin Browne New York , Void Asylum, Uni-ke,  Cody Chris Collection, Adrian Alicea New York ,  Carlos Benguigui and  DK Design Fashion.

Awards Presented at Indie Fashion Calendar Gala 2021


Best Women’s Ready to Wear: Sweet Nothing’s Boutique,  Hennaflower, CJackson Long Island , House of Baretti, Omarijade, Cody Chris Collection, Pashuk Brand, Shameless Opinion and Ayeshia Apparel.

Best Boutique:  Nothing to Wear, Jaunty , Sweet Nothings Boutique, Mac & Bean Designs , Jaylani’s Boutique, Camelia Couture , Jeanette’s Unique Boutique ,  STL Fashion and  House of Vaughn.

Dr Abbey with B Fly Beauty 2 time honoree


Best Street Wear:  Rise Visions, Amot Apparel, Her Love , Retro Wavy,  Ifly Universe , United Icons, Abnoirmal,  Starlife Fashion Co,  Merocki,  Burning Guitars and RichKid Clothing Line.

Best Swimwear: B Fly Beauty ,  Voglia Swimwear ,  INOB Swimwear , Get Haute ,  Lauri’s Couture , GOSWIMWEAR and  .Manduvi Swimwear.

Dr Abbey with Honoree Yele Oladeinde Yele Fashion Designer

Best Loungewear: 209 MARE, BBLACC Studios , Rise Visions , Artificial Bliss , House of Monet Knits , Marc Defang , House of Vaughn and Retro Wavy.

Best High Fashion Couture:  KJaNae Designs, The Fashion Statement,  Maison Zelani, Yves Luc ,MM Milano,  Elie Balleh Couture ,  Love Baby J Couture , The Poncho Palace Xchange,  Marc Defang,  Reginas Couture,  Deanie Couture and  Lauris Couture.

Diva Davanna Model Won 3 awards most of the night


Best Resort Wear:  Flora for Faunas, Fashion Disorder,  B Fly Beauty,  Archana Aneja,FarinaFZ,  Alexandra Popescu-York and  Manduvi Swimwear.

Best Knitwear: Trans Clothing Company,  Imperial Legacy Clothing, Merocki , Jeanie Madsen,  House of Monet Knits , Wilmer Galeano, Mac & Bean Designs and  House of Q Basics.

Close to 200 People in attendance

Best Evening Wear:  Enwu, Yelestitches, In My Genes, Giulanelli Designs, Lips Couture,Cynthia Matos, Marisa Santiago, Designs by Lavene, Pashuk Brand and  Alexandra Popescu-York.

Best Men’s Tailoring:  Naids Fashion, Chino Arte, Elie Balleh Couture, Shadow Wear and  Carlos Benguigui.

Dr Abbbey with Honoree Bro Michael Katlow Cox

Best Accessory Designer: Wandering Willow Designs, Cox Leather, Teresa Costa Collection, Daily Malong, IA’s Threads , STL Fashion and  Atiya’s Creative Jewels.

 Best Runway Photography: Weston Portraits, Escape Studios Photography, Images by Rick ,D Rhodes Photography, Rafael Yau , Runway Imagery , Solwazi Afi Olusola and Memorie 4 Life Photography.

Dr Abbey with Fashion Designer


Best Event Photography:  AJ Photography NYC ,  Images by Rick,  Anchor Kit Media ,  Big Ant TV Media, Digiamedia , Bric Arts Media House and  Memorie 4 Life Photography.

Best Editorial Photography : Arun Nevader, Patrick Cox, Big Ant TV Media , Oquendo Consulting, AJ Photography,  Bre Johnson Photography, Phocusd Views, Maria B Photography Studio and Memorie 4 Life Photography.

Dr Abbey with Rafael Yau Lee Co-Founder Street Fashion Week


Best Female Model:  Elvi,  Amber Monet , Diva Davanna , Sonia Tucker , Lois Mensah,Keyla Caba, Deja Janai, Aliyah Ferrell, Tenetria Brown and Phyllis Spencer.

Best Male Model:  Brandon Jerrod ,  Xavier Walker, Alberto Fabretti,  Andre Buffington ,Cole Miller , Chris Gaddy , Jerod Davis ,  Michael Leach,  Roger Landry Kamin and Michael Walker III.

Dr.Abbey with Harlem Fashion Week team


Best Indie Model:  Amayah Villanueva, Sonia Tucker,Cole Miller, Natalie Eng, Camille Logan,     Tekemia Jenkins, Phyllis Spencer, Andre Buffington, Eustace Collens Jr and Samia Park.

Best Petite Model:  Amber Monet , Jewelz Lopez ,Diva Davanna , Deja Janai, Alexandra Bello , Keyla Caba, Abby Picciano and Christine Solazzo.

Honoree Designer Adrian Alicia New York


Best Runway Model: Elvi, Amayah Villanueva, Sonia Tucker, Aliyah Ferrell , Kelly Elix ,Chris Gaddy, Michael Walker III, Cole Miller and Amber Nicole .

Best Plus Size Model: Chanel Jackson,  Ashley Braxton, Iesha Mason, Lolita Penn,Cashmere Michel’le  and Subera.

Michael Reid Honoree Founder NYC Live Fashion Week


Best Editorial Model: Brandon Jerrod , Xavier Walker, Deja Janai , Serenity Murrell ,  Jailyn Thomas ,Samia Park , Starkiesha Green,  Alberto Fabbretti and  Kelly Elix.

Designer or the Year:  Rise Visions, Shadow Wear, BBLACC Studios,  Kloset Slayer, The Fashion Statement, Trans Clothing Company , Adrian Alicia New York , Hemistry Designs ,  Deanie Couture and  Maison Zelani.

Rico King Model Lifetime award Honoree

Model of the Year:  Amber Monet, Diva Davavnna,  Keyla Caba, Chris Gaddy,  Alberto Fabbretti, Jerod Davis , Tenetria Brown, Cole Miller , Xavier Walker, Phyllis Spencer and  April Jordan.

Photographer of the Year :  Phocusd Views,  AJ Photography NYC, Images by Rick,  Anchor Kit Media ,Big Ant TV Media, Runway Imagery,  D Rhodes Photography, Arun Nevader,  Patrick Cox, Maria B Photography Studio and Memorie 4 Life Photography.

Lifetime Achievement Awards:  Rico King, Sergio Delavicci, Jerri Reid, Kenya Smith , Burning Guitars, Stevie Edwards and Diva Davanna.

Sergio Delavicci Actor & Model Lifetime Award Winner


Fashion Platform Awards: Small Boutique Fashion Week, Harlem Fashion Week, New York Institute of Beauty, NYC Live! at Fashion Week and hiTech Moda.

Close to 200 people were in attendance, after party took place at The DL 95 Delancey St, New York. Many people came from all over the USA, to be part of the Indie Fashion Gala 2021.

About Indie Fashion Calendar: New York Fashion Week, Get the latest fashion industry news from the top New York Fashion Week events to attend, industry collaborations, current events news, fashion news by clicking here .

About Small Boutique Fashion Week (SBFW): Small Boutique Fashion Week Runway Show and Market NYC. SBFW is the largest event geared toward independent fashion brands. Founded in 2012 SBFW has displayed the collections of some of fashion’s most powerful independent fashion labels.

Dr Abbey with Cole M Miller Model

Over 1000+ brands, have been featured at this highly anticipated event and Small Boutique Fashion Week has been featured in many notable publications including Forbes, Vogue, and Fox Business Network.

Small Boutique Fashion Week has a history of enhancing the careers of its participants, and is always on the hunt for emerging designers that are eager to take their business to the next level.

Dr Abbey with Honoree Rick Tracy

To learn more about Small Boutique Fashion Week (SBFW) Click here for more information.

Dr Abbey with PS Privette Founder Hi Tech Moda & Model Mike Armin Bazer


See more in our World Liberty TV Fashion Channels, Blogs and who is who of Fashion in our  Photo gallery by clicking here.

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