Dr.Abbey Honored During Women’s History Month By Women in Business .org -2016

Dr. Abbey has been honored over 350 time’s world Wide, for his contribution for Humanity, and helped thousand’s People World Wide and continues to do that.

Dr.Abbey was honored By The Women in Business .org ,During Women’s History Month on Thursday March 17th 2016 (St Patrick’s Day) at The New York Botanical Gardens Bronx at The Prestigious Stone Mill House inside the Gardens , for his contribution to women around the World .by showcasing them on World Liberty TV, in a positive manner, also Dr.Abbey has helped Thousands of Women , and empowered them thru his Non -Profit Organization , Humanitarians of the World Inc, (HOTWINC) See more at www.hotwinc.org and www.worldlibertytv.org , we like to thank Mrs Toby Nadler Founder and CEO of Women in Business .org for Honoring our Executive Producer who richly deserved this honor.
See Dr. Abbey s Acceptance Speech right here in our World Liberty TV, Humanitarian Channel .

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