Humanitarians of the World Inc & United Sherpa Associations’ COVID-19 Champions Gala

On Sat Oct 24th 2020, Worlds fist COVID-19 Champions Awards took place at United Sherpa Association Inc., located in Elmhurst Queens. Close to 50 people were in attendance on both floors of the temple.

The Event was the brainchild of Dr. Adal Hussain, AKA  Dr.Abbey who came up with the idea of honoring the community, along with politicians who have made a difference as well as a wide range of organizations who have served by giving of themselves with tireless and exceptional work ethic as the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to rage on.

The Event was held in Collaboration with The United Sherpa Association Inc, headed by President Urgen Sherpa. The event was  invite only, as only a total of only 50 people are allowed indoors on both floors combined in accordance to safety protocols regarding community transmission. The event was streamed on Facebook live, World Liberty TV and a number of other platforms, seen by thousands of people worldwide.

The Program started of by welcoming remarks by Secretary General, United Sherpa Association Inc, who was the Co- Emcee of the event, who introduced Rev Bruce Grodner, National Executive Director, American Clergy Leadership Conference, who introduced, Dr Adal Hussain, Founder of Humanitarians of the World Inc, and head organizer of the COVID-19 Champions Awards 2020, and Co-Emcee of the event.

Dr.Abbey Introduced Co-Organizer, Urgen Sherpa, President United Sherpa Association Inc.

Keynote speaker was Melinda katz, Newly elected Queens DA, who went onto say, it’s a great pleasure to be part of the Himalayan Community, here in Queens, she also went on to say what kind of services the Queens DA, had to offer, here here keynote speech in our World Liberty TV at .Melinda Katz was also an honoree for the COVID-19 Champions Awards 2020.

Other Politicians who were honorees and presented Citations and Proclamations, to Dr.Adal Hussain, Founder of Humanitarians of the World Inc, and organizer of The COVID-19 Champions award alongside, Urgan Sherpa, President of the United Sherpa Association Inc, were Jeffrion L.Aubry, member of New York State Assembly District 35, he presented proclamations, and was an honoree for the COVID-19 Champions award 2020.He went to say if we needed Humanitarians of the World, its now during the pandemic, he also congratulated, Mr Urgen and the temple for all they are doing for the community.

A panel titled, Diversity Interfaith Panel Moderated by Dr.Adal Hussain, which included faith leaders from, Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist. The Question that was asked what has your place of Worship for the community during COVID-19.

The Participants included: Urgen Sherpa(President) United Sherpa Association Inc, representing the Buddhist Religion,Rev Bruce Grodner, National Executive Director, American Clergy Leadership Conference , representing the Christian Religion. Farida Yesmin, Care Queen & King foundation global family network Inc. Representing Muslim Religion Islam. Sumedh Deshpande, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA, representing the Hindu religion.Diversity panel can be seen in our World Liberty TV, Humanitarian Channel by clicking here.

We like to thank close to 40 honoree’s who have one thing in common, each and everyone of them stepped up, during COVID-19 Panademic, by helping through donating, Money, Time, Products and other services, each and everyone of them deserved the COVID-19 Champions awards-2020 for there acts of humanity, who are doing something during this pandemic to make this world a better place.

I like to Thank the Following from World Liberty TV, and Humanitarians of the World Officers and Volunteers, Liliana Rocio, Senior Editor World Liberty TV,  Al Caplan, Photographer, Mitchell Ackles, Syndicated Journalist, Daniel Shapiro, Volunteer Videographer/Photographer & Vasant Desai, South Asian Journalist and Photographer.

Myself Dr.Adal Hussain, Honor , you and respect all you do for Humanity, as my fellow Humanitarian Brother Urgan Sherpa agrees, thank you and keep doing what you are doing and hopefully the award will inspire you to do more.

See More about The COVID-19 Champions awards Gala 2020 in our World Liberty TV, Humanitarian Channel and Blogs by clicking here.

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