Hey Gamers – Check Out World Liberty TV’s Gaming Channel

Hello WLTV viewers and gamers,

Check out our Gaming channel, where you can find out about the latest in games and gaming trends.

Check out events of the gaming world such as the NY Gaming Conference: The State of The Gaming Industry, where a panel discussed topics such as what does it take to make a successful game these days across platforms.

NY Gaming Conference, the State of the Gaming Industry, a view from the Top (2012)

Take a look at exclusive interviews with top gaming heads such as Jesse Sutton, Co-Founder/CEO of Majesco Entertainment and Gregory Sukornyk, CEO/Founder of Good World Games.

Catch the debut of games such as The Hidden, Nano Assault, Cooking Mama 4, Hulk Hogan’s Main Event, and Zumba Fitness 2. We also have reviews of games such as Poker Night 2.

Take your game controller and point your way to our World Liberty TV Gaming channel to check out more games and interviews.

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