12th Annual Gold + Diamond Conference NYC-2022

IAC has organized an annual in-person conference devoted to gold and diamonds since 2011, holding its 2020 and 2021 events virtually. This year, “Bolding Building the Future: Gold, Diamonds, and Jewelry in a Transformational Age,” will take a wide-ranging look at the industry, employing jewelry as a lens.

Government, civil society, communities, and industry must preserve the magic, romance, and emotional power of gold, diamonds, and jewelry for the consumer while finding new ways to convey all of this.

Lisa Koenigsberg, President / Founder, Initiatives in Art and Culture, organizer of the event alongside her professional staff did an outstanding job for the two days of the conference, we also like to thank Olga Gonzalez, The Publicist for the event, who was very instrumental in setting interviews for us.

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