37th Annual Dominican Day Parade New York City -2019

The 37th annual Dominican Day Parade kicked off in Manhattan on Sunday afternoon. The route takes the parade along Sixth Avenue from 36th Street to 52nd Street. The event features dancers, colorful floats and plenty of merengue music. The parade stepped off at noon.

Thousands of people come together to honor their Dominican heritage by celebrating in the Annual Dominican Day Parade. The parade takes place in New York City on August 10, with the march starting on 36 Street and 6th Ave and ending on 52nd Street.

In past year’s turnout to the parade has been as high as half a million people, with 10,000 participants in the parade itself. The event commemorates the war for Dominican independence against Spain, which began in 1863.

The festivities include floats, traditional music, dance, food and the display of red, white and blue colors of the Dominican flag. Colorful and ornate costumes are one of the unique qualities of the parade; other Dominican elements of the parade include the diablos cojuelo (lame devils) who traditionally perform in Dominican Republic’s Carnival celebration.

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