American Kennel Club Meet the Breeds at NYC-2024

By: Gloria Smith, Associate Editor for World Liberty TV

For more than 130 years, the American Kennel Club has been the country’s leading authority on all things dogs, acting as the premier resource for dog lovers, from the fancier to the everyday owner.

Dr Abbey at Meet The Breeds 2024

Along with our affiliated organizations, we encourage dogs as family companions; advance canine health and well-being; advocate for dog owner rights; and educate the public about responsible dog ownership.

Lunch Served during VIP Hour

We are passionate about everything related to dogs, and we celebrate the joy they bring to our lives every single day. Being a dog lover is not a pastime; it’s a way of life – and we make every moment count.

Meet The Breeds 2024

The AKC at A Glance: We are the world’s largest and oldest not-for-profit all-breed registry, with 201 recognized breeds and counting.

We have more than 5,000 licensed and member clubs and affiliated organizations. We receive more than 3 million entries to 22,000+ sports and events each year.

British Bulldogs from UK

We are the number one content site for dogs, as reported by SimilarWeb, with over 8.3 million visitors to every month.

Dr Abbey with Show Poodle

Almost 50,000 Canine Good Citizen certifications are awarded each year. The AKC Canine Health Foundation allocates millions of dollars in health research funds to study nearly all of the top diseases in dogs, including cancer, epilepsy, thyroid disease, hip dysplasia, allergies, heart disease, progressive retinal atrophy, and cataracts, among others.

The AKC Rescue Network is the largest network of dog rescue groups in the country, with more than 450 groups participating.

Dr Abbey with Miniature Schnauzer Dog and Handler

Over 5 million micro-chipped or tattooed pets are enrolled in the AKC Reunite program, and over 470,000 pets have been returned home to date.

AKC Museum of the Dog is home to the largest collection of canine art in the country. AKC Library is America’s most comprehensive collection on the subject of domestic dogs with more than 18,000 volumes.

Dr Abbey Petting a Rottweiler

From Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers and everything in between! AKC Meet the Breeds® gives dog lovers a unique opportunity to meet, play with, and learn about hundreds of dogs! AKC Meet the Breeds events will comply with all local and federal health and safety requirements in effect at the time of the event.

AKC Meet the Breeds events are a fun and educational way to spend a day with the whole family, and maybe even figure out which dog breed is right for you! If you are attending an AKC Meet the Breeds event in 2024, or are thinking about attending an event in the future, you can find out what dog breeds you can meet at AKC Meet the Breeds as information is available and confirmed. Breeds will be added up to the event date.

K9 Unit Police Dog

All dogs and humans in the breed booths, as well as all dogs and people showing off incredible dog sports and skills in the demo ring are volunteering their time at these events to share the joys of responsible dog ownership with you. No dogs or puppies are for sale or rescue at this event.

English Toy Spaniel Dog

This was an awesome event; you can see hundreds of dogs with their handlers in their respected booths. You can go and pet the dogs, read their history and learn more from their handlers.

Dr Abbey with Golden Retriever

There were dogs were all well behaved and very friendly, I remembered petting a Rottweiler and he was very friendly, when you see them on the street you get a little intimidated, with the way they look.

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