Dynasties of the Sea, interview with Author Lori Ann LA Rocco at The Plaza Hotel NY

Stamford, CT, Marine Money Inc. November 12, 2012 – CNBC Senior Talent Producer and author Lori Ann LaRocco offers readers a rarefied view into the high-stakes world of shipping in Dynasties of the Sea: The Shipowners and Financiers Who Expanded the Era of Free Trade (Marine Money Inc.)
Packed with personal stories, actionable business strategies and tips for navigating the precarious world of global finance, Dynasties of the Sea is both a vital business book and a rollicking good read. Dynasties of the Sea profiles 21 of the world’s shipping pioneers, the men and women who have built and lost and re-built vast fortunes moving goods across the sea.
Whether born into the business or swept into it by a love of adventure and profit, these fascinating characters tell the stories of their early beginnings and cyclical successes in one of the most volatile and profitable businesses on earth.
Despite the industry having “the lowest cycle-to-cycle financial returns and the highest inter-cycle volatility, says marine finance expert Matt McCleery, “one might be tempted to think the international shipping industry would do nothing but destroy capital…yet the fact is that it has created more fortunes than any other business except technology.”
LaRocco, the best-selling author of Thriving in the New Economy (Wiley 2010) and renown for her ability to get busy billionaires to pick up the phone, is no stranger to the world’s business elite. “One of the biggest themes that came out of this book is how these shipping titans are worried about the health of the global economy and the bloated imbalance sheets of the United States and Europe,” LaRocco says.
“Their decisions on how they are leading were compelling.”
The shipping leaders give their candid assessment of where they are in the shipping cycle, the changing energy landscape and how they plan to lead their companies in the future.
World Liberty TV was on hand at the 13th Annual Marine Money Shipping Conference, where we interviewed the publishers, people in the Shipping industry who are showcased in the book, as well as the Author Loriann Larocco.

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